Catalog 2016-2017

Student Government

All regularly enrolled current students at Hendrix College, as defined and certified by the Registrar of the College, shall be members of the Hendrix Student Association. All executive and legislative authority of the Student Association shall be vested in a Student Senate. The Association elects the President, Vice-President, and the Student Representative on the Council for Academic Policy, who with the Senator from each class, the Senator from each residence hall, and the Off Campus Senator, compose the Student Senate. 

The Student Senate is responsible for the allocation of the Student Activity Fund, the sum total of the Student Activity Fees which each student pays to the College at the beginning of each academic year. These funds are used to support all student organizations and activities.  Only officially recognized organizations (by the Faculty’s Student Life Committee) are eligible for funding.  Additionally, the Senate sponsors the various media agencies of the Student Association: the college annual, Troubador; the bi-weekly newspaper, the Profile; the campus literary magazine, Aonian; and the campus radio station, KHDX. 

The Student Senate is responsible for appointments to various Student Senate and Association committees whose functions are to address issues of importance to the Association. Students are also encouraged to participate in the decision-making process of the College. Most standing committees of the faculty have student representatives who are appointed by the Student Senate.

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