Catalog 2016-2017

Housing and Residential Life

Hendrix is a residential college and is committed to developing a strong campus community. As such, it is important to create experiences that support in-class learning. Hendrix requires that all students live in College managed housing during their time at Hendrix.  Students may apply for a residency requirement exemption.  Those exemptions are limited and are typically granted to upper-class (seniors and some juniors) students. 

Hendrix offers a variety of housing options for our students. This includes traditional residence halls, apartments and houses. First year students live in the traditional style buildings which foster a shared living experience. This helps students connect to other students and allows for the growth of strong communities on our campus. Here students meet new people, gain new ideas, develop lifelong friendships and learn to live together within a community. There are six traditional residential buildings (two for men, three for women and one coeducational facility). 

In addition to the traditional halls, Hendrix also offers the Market Square South building and eight small house options. These buildings both offer suite style accommodations. These are great environments for connecting with a smaller group of students and have increased opportunity for group study. The Market Square South building is home to our living-learning residential program which connects students to common themes designed to engage students in projects beyond the classroom. Hendrix also offers two additional living-learning programs through the Language House and the ECO House. The Language House rotates from German to Spanish to French over a three-year period. The application process for participation in these programs takes place in February of each year.  

Over the past several years, Hendrix has also expanded the apartment options for students. Hendrix offers over 5 different apartment style options for students. These apartment options give students more space and freedom but they also keep the students connected to the campus environment. They are great for students who have established friendships and want a more independent experience.  

In each facility, there are student staff (Resident Assistants) who are there to assist students with issues or concerns. These staff are trained to respond to student needs and help the students find their own way at Hendrix. They advise students on social and academic issues, coordinate social events and educational opportunities and educate students about the community expectations. We also have three full-time staff members (Area Coordinators) who live in campus housing, supervise the RA staff, and create connections for our students.  

Each hall and house has lounge facilities for relaxation and social purposes. Visitation and quiet hours are established within the residence halls at the beginning of each academic year. Students who live in College housing are expected to familiarize themselves with all current policies and procedures, which are located on the Hendrix College homepage  
( Violation of community standards and policies is cause for disciplinary action. 

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