Catalog 2016-2017

Good Academic Standing

A full-time student must meet the following standards for academic performance and progress to qualify as a student in good standing:

  • The student’s cumulative GPA must meet or exceed the following thresholds as determined by the student’s entrance year:
    • First-year students – 1.75;
    • Sophomores – 1.90;
    • Juniors or above – 2.0.
  • The student must have earned at least
    • 6 course credits after the first year of academic study,
    • 13 credits after the second year,
    • 20 credits after the third year,
    • 27 credits after the fourth year,
    • and credits sufficient for graduation after five years of academic study.
  • The total number of incomplete grades I and unforgiven failing grades F on the student’s transcript may not exceed four.
  • The student must exhibit integrity and personal honesty in the classroom and in other campus affairs.

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