Catalog 2016-2017

Religious Life

Hendrix understands that opportunities for spiritual growth, theological exploration, moral development, and the growing expression of one’s religious faith are central components of a liberal arts education. Hendrix attempts to implement these opportunities throughout its programs. We do not conceive of these commitments as distinct from or tangential to the intellectual-cultural life of the College but as integral to the mission of this College. 

Hendrix offers its students and faculty a broad range of opportunities for religious study and practice. Religious life includes a variety of small groups that meet for study, meditation, and prayer; weekly Covenant Discipleship groups; weekly worship celebrations in Greene Chapel; theological discussions exploring various issues of faith and life; and numerous opportunities for volunteer service. Students are encouraged to attend the lectures and other activities sponsored by the Steel Center for the Study of Religion and Philosophy. 

Participation in religious life at Hendrix is actively encouraged but is strictly voluntary. Although Hendrix is related to the United Methodist Church, religious life on the Hendrix campus offers students of diverse cultural and spiritual heritages the opportunity to explore and grow in the disciplines of their respective religious traditions. 

Hendrix students are encouraged to participate actively in the various churches in Conway. Many students obtain summer work in local churches and other church-related enterprises throughout the state and region. 

Hendrix students provide leadership in weekly worship celebrations in Greene Chapel and frequently conduct services in other places on the campus. Hendrix students often go as resource groups into local churches. Students with career interest in religion are encouraged to meet and discuss vocational and professional goals and interests. There is a designated organization called the Pretheological Fellowship that addresses these goals and interests.

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