Catalog 2016-2017

New Student Orientation

Hendrix College offers a unique New Student Orientation program that combines adventure, discovery, outreach, and education. New Student Orientation provides students with opportunities to interact with faculty, staff, returning students, and one another. Students will participate in small group trips around the State of Arkansas. These enjoyable trips are a mixture of fun, education, and skill development. Not only do the trips offer students an introduction to new sights and environments, but they also establish a sense of community.  During New Student Orientation, new students share information, engage in discussions, and attend programs that are of special interest. Theatrical performances about the “freshman experience” and other interactive programs present information on academic skills, getting involved on campus, and making a successful transition from high school to college. 

The Hendrix College New Student Orientation Program is a special blend of fun, education, skill development, friendship formation, and awareness-building. As a stepping stone between high school and college, New Student Orientation offers practical information for college life and an important sense of welcome and community.

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