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Information about systems that support living on campus but are not directly tied to learning.



  • Student Technology Orientation Articles
    The HelpDesk articles below are aimed at new and incoming students to help them and learn about the technology environment and resources at Hendrix that may be different or new. Getting a personal co...
    Last Modified: 3/30/2023
  • Campus Software Resources
    Snoddy Computer Lab (Bailey Library) SPSS 20Python 2Bailey Classroom ArcGIS 10SPSS 22VectorWorks 2013LightWright 5Python 3Mills Lab (Mills 104C) R Statistical Package (all computers)RStudio (all co...
    Last Modified: 3/29/2023
  • What is H-Alert and How Do I Use It?

    All Hendrix Faculty, Staff, and Students (and now parents) are automatically enrolled in H Alert, the College's official emergency notification system. H Alert will notify subscribers via email and...

    Last Modified: 3/29/2023
  • Accessing CampusWeb

    Campus Web is an important resource for members of the Hendrix community, so understanding how to access it is very important. Steps to accessing Campus Web   Log in to the Hendrix website using yo...

    Last Modified: 3/29/2023
  • Logging Into the Hendrix Website

    Logging in to the Hendrix website gives you access to CampusWeb and other content specifically reserved for Hendrix users. To Log In to the Hendrix Website Go to any page on the Hendrix Website s...

    Last Modified: 3/17/2023
  • Where Can I Fax On Campus?
    As a student, you have multiple areas on campus that you may fax from. We ask that you pick an area relevant to the documents that you wish to send. Athletics
    Last Modified: 3/14/2023
  • Connecting to the Student Wireless Network (iOS)
    To Connect to the Student Wireless Network on an iOS product (iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini) follow these steps Go to SettingsTap on Wi FiChoose the Network that says hndrxstdntType in your Username.  It ...
    Last Modified: 3/9/2023
  • Computer Requirements
    Minimum and recommended computer requirements for using the Hendrix Network.
    Last Modified: 3/6/2023
  • Connecting to the Student Wireless Network (Android)
    Open the Settings app.Select "Wi Fi".Choose the hndrxstdnt network.Under "Identity", type in your Hendrix email address.Under "Password", type in your Hendrix email password.Tap Connect.Tap Allow if a...
    Last Modified: 3/6/2023
  • Campus Computer Labs and Printers

    All lab computers are connected to the Hendrix Network (Hnet), the statewide ARKnet, and to the Internet. The laser printers in the Bailey Snody Center and Mills Labs are available for 

    Last Modified: 2/9/2023