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Using an online gradebook in coordination with Teams assignments for increased calculation and grade-sharing features.


  • Edvoice | App for student view of Additio gradebook.
  • Setup Gradebooks | Constructing grading columns and categories in coordination with your Teams assignments.
  • Sync and Share | Getting started in Additio and linking and syncing to your Teams and preparing your gradebook for sharing grades with students.


  • Additio Self Training Resources
    Below are links to Additio self help resources produced by Additio. I try to share a list of highlights to cover during the training Link your Team's accountImport students' rosterEmbed your Ad...
    Last Modified: 5/2/2023
  • Additio Student Access
    In order to give students access to their grades in Additio you'll need to follow the steps below 1. Import your students from Microsoft Teams into Additio  2. Students download the app or access...
    Last Modified: 7/12/2023
  • Link your Teams and Additio Accounts
    In order to import students from Microsoft Teams into Additio you will need to link your accounts 1. Log in to Additio  2. Using the navigation pane on the left select Settings  2. Select My
    Last Modified: 7/12/2023
  • Make Additio Grade Columns Visible to Students
    Grades are not visible to students automatically, when you are ready for students to view them follow the steps below.  1. Click on the column you wish to make viewable. Scroll down to Visibility, it...
    Last Modified: 7/12/2023
  • Additio Import Groups from Teams
    After linking your Additio account to your Hendrix Teams account, you are ready to import your students as a Group. 1. Click on the squares at the top left and then click on Evaluation and Groups.
    Last Modified: 8/25/2023
  • Additio add student after class import
    When a student is added to your course after you have already Imported your course Team into Additio, you will need to manually add that student.
    Last Modified: 5/2/2023
  • Additio Sort Students A to Z
    You can sort the Additio gradebook roster into alphabetical order. In the upper right, click the 3 dots and in the drop down menu, by Sort, select Sort Items.
    Last Modified: 5/2/2023
  • Additio Sort or reorganize columns.
    You can reorganize grading columns and categories on a Tab in Additio. In the upper right, click the 3 dots and in the drop down menu, by Sort Show, select Sort Items.
    Last Modified: 5/2/2023
  • Download, Sign up and log in on Edvoice
    1. Download Edvoice Google Play or the App Store and download it for free.Once you have downloaded the app in your phone or you have accessed to  https 2. Create an account w...
    Last Modified: 7/27/2023