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Computers and Drives

Articles about using and maintaining your Hendrix provided computer or laptop as well as accessing and backing up files.



  • Computer Requirements
    Minimum and recommended computer requirements for using the Hendrix Network.
    Last Modified: 7/27/2023
  • Determine Your Operating System
    How To Determine Your Operating SystemFor Windows 8 Open Control PanelClick on System and SecurityYour version of Windows and Service Pack should be listed in the pop up windowFor Windows 7, Vista, an...
    Last Modified: 5/11/2023
  • Classroom AV Guides
    Most classrooms now have the same AV configuration, those that do not have additional guides which will also be found here and printed in the classrooms.  Classroom AV guide PC Classroom AV guide Ma...
    Last Modified: 5/2/2023
  • Adjunct Laptop Use
    Hendrix College will provide a laptop for all Adjuncts, Visiting Faculty or other teaching faculty with a course load.  The Employee Action Form (EAF) filed by HR will initiate the process for setting...
    Last Modified: 5/2/2023
  • Screenshot to Include in an Email or Document

    There are many times when you would like to include a picture of your computer screen in an email or other document. Here are the instructions For Windows users Press "PrtScn" to copy the entire sc...

    Last Modified: 6/28/2023
  • Prevent Printing of a PDF Document

    It is possible to password protect PDF documents to prevent printing or editing. NOTE This will not absolutely prevent a person from printing your document, as a determined person might find a way ...

    Last Modified: 5/12/2023
  • Who Pays for My Campus Computer's Software?

    Q Who Pays for Software that I want to Use on My Office Computer? A Hendrix TechnologyServices supplies the base operating sysrem, and the Miscoroft Office suite of software, for each computer on c...

    Last Modified: 7/12/2023
  • Changing File Associations in Windows (Default Programs)

    Changing File Associations Open Default Programs by clicking the Start button , and then clicking Default Programs. In Default Programs, you can Hide all Set your default programs Use this option t...

    Last Modified: 5/2/2023
  • Downloading and Installing Microsoft Office
    To download your free license 1.       Log into your WebMail account (http 2.       Click on the Office 365 logo (upper left of screen) 3.       Click on the Install now but...
    Last Modified: 7/27/2023
  • Campus Software Resources
    Snoddy Computer Lab (Bailey Library) SPSS 20Python 2Bailey Classroom ArcGIS 10SPSS 22VectorWorks 2013LightWright 5Python 3Mills Lab (Mills 104C) R Statistical Package (all computers)RStudio (all co...
    Last Modified: 6/29/2023