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OneDrive & Sharing

Accessing, syncing and sharing online files and downloading and using the OneDrive sync manager tool.


  • OneDrive Overview

    Last Modified: 7/27/2023
  • Resolve Sync Issues with OneDrive (Windows)
    NOTE If you have any issues with either process, please contact the HelpDesk. First, please try the "Repair" method by looking in the system tray (right hand
    Last Modified: 7/6/2023
  • Manage Access: Copy to vs. Move to
    This article shares how to use Manage Access in SharePoint to create layers of privacy and access to files and folders for your Teams. Manage Access options Navigate to Manage Access in SharePoint De...
    Last Modified: 7/19/2023
  • OneDrive Sync to Computer (Windows)
    You can access from a variety of places, but the most common is from your webmail.
    Last Modified: 6/30/2023
  • OneDrive Access Options
    OneDrive is easy to access from any Microsoft365 application or website. Once you get there, we have an overview of OneDrive for what you'll find there. Direct Link (Favorite or Bookmark in your bro...
    Last Modified: 7/27/2023