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Policies and Procedures

Policies and procedures related to Technology at Hendrix.



  • Change Your Password Using CampusWeb

    To change your password in CampusWeb, follow these steps Login to the Hendrix WebsiteClick the My Profile button next to your name in the gray bar at the top of the screen.On the Account tab, enter...

    Last Modified: 7/19/2016
  • Connecting to Hendrix Network Requirements
    WirelessWireless protocol support Wireless network adapter with support for 802.11 a, g, or nEncryption 802.1x authenticationA wireless card that supports WPA Enterprise or WPA2 Enterprise encryption....
    Last Modified: 7/19/2016
  • Creating A Personal Website for Staff and Faculty Members

    There are two options for setting up a web space for faculty and staff members: Set up your website in our content management system   Set up your website on our personal pages server   Please note...

    Last Modified: 6/22/2016
  • Code of Conduct for Computer Resource Use

    Code for Computer Resource Use Computer resources at Hendrix College are available to authorized students, faculty, staff, and off-campus constituents. Access to these resources is obtained from th...

    Last Modified: 6/22/2016
  • Why Has Hendrix Put A Quota On Printing
    The annual cost for running printing over the Hendrix Network (e.g., paper and toner costs) runs several thousand dollars. Printing quotas have helped to defray this cost and acts as a conservati...
    Last Modified: 6/2/2016
  • How To Forward an On Campus Phone
    If you need to forward your phone to another extension, below is the process of forwarding the phone. In the office of the phone that needs forwarding, pick up the phone, listen for a dial tone and d...
    Last Modified: 5/18/2016
  • How To Set Up Emergency Contacts (iOS 7 and earlier)
    Step 1 Click Contacts
    Last Modified: 5/18/2016
  • How To Set Up Emergency Contacts (Android)
    Step One Create or edit the contact that you want to make your ICE contact. Put as much information as you can. Include relationship, email, and all phone numbers. You can add fields by clicking on...
    Last Modified: 5/18/2016
  • If You Can Still See An Old Course On Moodle
    If you can still see an old course on Moodle that you are no longer in (due to the semester ending or you dropping the class), please contact the HelpDesk with the information asked for in the "W...
    Last Modified: 4/25/2016
  • List of Services Provided
    Help Desk Media Center Adding devices to the Hendrix Wi FiPassword reset account unlock (call Help Desk if it has not unlocked within 15 minutes)PC Mac clean up, malware removal for Hendrix owned c...
    Last Modified: 4/25/2016