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  • Hendrix Mobile Print
    1) Go to mobileprint 2) Log in to your account using your Hendrix email credentials 3) A window of Paper cut with options on the left side of the
    Last Modified: 3/16/2017
  • Campus Software Resources
    Snoddy Computer Lab (Bailey Library) SPSS 20Python 2Bailey Classroom ArcGIS 10SPSS 22VectorWorks 2013LightWright 5Python 3Mills Lab (Mills 104C) R Statistical Package (all computers)RStudio (all co...
    Last Modified: 2/8/2017
  • Malware Removal for Windows

    Windows VPS (Virus ProtectionSoftware)  Computerviruses are small software programs that are designed to spread from onecomputer to another and to interfere with computer operation.  Microsoft Win...

    Last Modified: 1/11/2017
  • Teleconferencing Rooms on Campus
    This article contains information on the rooms set-up for teleconferencing on-campus.
    Last Modified: 1/11/2017
  • Transferring Internal Calls
    Transferring Calls When you answer a call and need to transfer to another extension Push “flash” or “transfer”Dial the extension of the person you are transferring the call
    Last Modified: 11/14/2016
  • Cloud Storage
    Cloud storage refers to storing digital data on a remote server. Typically, you would save your file to your device's hard drive and access it through that device. With cloud storage, you can save a f...
    Last Modified: 11/7/2016
  • How to Recover Deleted Items in Outlook
    For PC and Mac In order to recover a permanently deleted item on Outlook, you must first go to the Deleted Items folder Once in the folder, go to the Home tab at the top of
    Last Modified: 11/4/2016
  • How to Move Multiple Emails in Outlook
    For PC To move multiple emails in Outlook, Press Ctrl+A to select all of the emails in the folder Or simply Highlight the first message you want to select in the list.
    Last Modified: 11/4/2016
  • Converting a Word Document to PDF
    If you need to convert a word document to a PDF, this problem can be completed by “printing to pdf”. The instructions for this process are as follows   Open the word document you wish
    Last Modified: 10/3/2016
  • How to Create a Group in Office 365
    If you want to create a new email group in Outlook, just follow these simple steps Log into your email account.Click the drop down arrow next to the “New” button in the top left
    Last Modified: 9/19/2016