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A collection of the most often asked questions at the HelpDesk.


  • Malware Removal for a Mac

    Any Mac user knows that Mac computers are well known foreffectively dodging viruses even without virus protection. Why? Because mostviruses are made to target PCs; however, the viral risk of Mac co...

    Last Modified: 4/26/2016
  • Malware Removal for Windows

    Windows VPS (Virus ProtectionSoftware)  Computerviruses are small software programs that are designed to spread from onecomputer to another and to interfere with computer operation.  Microsoft Win...

    Last Modified: 4/25/2016
  • When Asking for Help with Moodle
    If you are a student sending in a request for help with Moodle, please provide the following information The course name and section number of the class, along with the professor's name
    Last Modified: 4/25/2016
  • List of Services Provided
    Help Desk Media Center Adding devices to the Hendrix Wi FiPassword reset account unlock (call Help Desk if it has not unlocked within 15 minutes)PC Mac clean up, malware removal for Hendrix owned c...
    Last Modified: 4/25/2016
  • Downloading and Installing Office 365
    To download your free license 1.       Log into your WebMail account (http 2.       Click on the Office 365 logo (upper left of screen) 3.       Click on the Install now but...
    Last Modified: 4/22/2016
  • How to turn Clutter on and off in Outlook
    1. Sign into your Hendrix email account 2. At the top left corner of the page, select the App Launcher Icon (it's 9 little white squares that look kind of like the white side of a rubix cube), and
    Last Modified: 4/21/2016
  • Missing Email Messages
    If you think you are missing some email messages here are some steps that you can try to rectify the problem.Important In Outlook, Exchange must be in Cached Mode for the Junk Mail filter to function...
    Last Modified: 4/19/2016
  • Incompatible Wireless Devices
    The following list contains devices that cannot connect to Hendrix's wireless network. On some of the devices, you may connect through the wired network. On other devices, such as a printer, you may u...
    Last Modified: 4/19/2016
  • How to Clear Web Browser's Cache, Cookies, and History

    About cache, cookies, and history Each time you access a file through your web browser, the browser caches (i.e., stores) it. By doing this, the browser doesn't have to newly retrieve files (includ...

    Last Modified: 4/15/2016
  • Email phishing

    Internet or email phishing is a common online threat. To help protect yourself, it’s important to be aware of common phishing scams to prevent becoming a victim. What is email phishing? Email phish...

    Last Modified: 4/1/2016