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Course Migration and Setup

Setting up current courses and using structures and materials from previous courses.


  • Start your course Team from suggested classes
    Select Teams from the app bar. Select Suggested classes If you're using grid view, Suggested classes will be next to the Join or create team button at the top right of Teams. If you're using li...
    Last Modified: 6/22/2022
  • Copy Channels and Content to new Team
    There are three stages to this article, and we recommend proceeding from top to bottom until you are familiar with the overall process. Class Materials select all contents from inside Class Material...
    Last Modified: 6/22/2022
  • Accessing Archived Teams
    Sometimes you may need to access more information from an archived team.  First navigate to your teams icon The proceed to the bottom of your teams list near the Join or Create
    Last Modified: 6/22/2022
  • Adding a Tab to a Team Channel
    How to add a tab to your Team channel
    Last Modified: 6/22/2022