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Teams Orientation

Overviews of the layout, navigation and general use of Teams


  • Join a Public Team
    A Public Team at Hendrix means that anyone with a Hendrix login can voluntarily Join your Team without requesting. To Join a Public Team, such as Odyssey Program Info Hub or Hendrix Community Events ...
    Last Modified: 8/2/2022
  • Availability dot in Teams
    Next to each person you will see a colored bubble that indicates their current status.  A green bubble means the person is available for chat.   A yellow clock bubble means the person is away.  A r...
    Last Modified: 6/22/2022
  • Starting a Chat
    To start a chat with someone   Click Chat on the App list on the Dashboard.  Click the New Chat icon   Enter a name in the To  box
    Last Modified: 6/22/2022
  • Overview of Teams Navigation Buttons

    On the left side of the Teams window are the buttons which are used to navigate the application. The arrow buttons are used to go back and forth between recently viewed pages. The...

    Last Modified: 6/22/2022
  • Zooming in and out

    To zoom and out on Teams, navigate to settings by clicking the profile picture in the top right of the window to access the Zoom controls. Alternatively, holding the ctrl key while scrolling with ...

    Last Modified: 6/22/2022
  • Mobile Notification Settings
    If you have Teams on your mobile device, you may not want to be notified when you are not at work. You can either    Disable Notifications  Enable Quiet Hours (when you do not wish to
    Last Modified: 6/22/2022
  • Add and Remove Buttons from Teams Homerow
    Add and remove buttons from Teams homerow for easy access.
    Last Modified: 6/22/2022
  • Tabs on channels
    Every team has   Posts for discussion,   Files for sharing materials with students,  Class Notebook for creating notes to share with students    There
    Last Modified: 6/22/2022
  • Replying to a Post in Teams
    To reply to an existing thread, Click on the reply button to the thread or post you wish to reply Enter your reply in the message box that appears Then click send or hit enter.
    Last Modified: 6/22/2022
  • The Team Page
    To navigate to a specific Team, go to the Teams Dashboard and click the tile for the Team you wish to open. On the left side of the
    Last Modified: 6/22/2022