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Teams with Moodle

Information on integrating your Teams and Moodle courses.


  • Moodle Single-Sign-On

    You and your students can now log in to Moodle, Teams, and Outlook at once.  Go to the Moodle home page ( ), and click  Login .  Instead of logging in as you n...

    Last Modified: 6/23/2020
  • Posting Files from Moodle to Teams
    If you wish to continue posting files to Moodle but wish to use Teams for discussion, you can directly link your students to the items in Moodle from your Team.  To link a file from Moodle. ...
    Last Modified: 4/6/2020
  • Adding a Tab for your Moodle Course
    You can add a link from your Class Team directly to your Moodle course page on your tabs.  To add your Moodle tab     Go to your course in Moodle, and copy the
    Last Modified: 4/6/2020