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Working in your Team

Information on interacting with your students and classmates in Teams. From simple discussion to posting lectures and group discussions.


  • Retrieving Archived Teams
    Sometimes you may need to access more information from an archived team.  First navigate to your teams icon The proceed to the bottom of your teams list near the Join or Create
    Last Modified: 4/8/2022
  • Create a Team
    When you want to create your own Team for an organization, small group or activity, begin by clicking Join or Create Team on the main Teams page.
    Last Modified: 2/23/2022
  • Additio add student after class import
    When a student is added to your course after you have already Imported your course Team into Additio, you will need to manually add that student.
    Last Modified: 2/9/2022
  • Link your Teams and Additio Accounts
    In order to import students from Microsoft Teams into Additio you will need to link your accounts 1. Log in to Additio  2. Using the navigation pane on the left select Settings  2. Select My
    Last Modified: 1/19/2022
  • Additio Import Groups from Teams
    After linking your Additio account to your Hendrix Teams account, you are ready to import your students as a Group. 1. Click on the squares at the top left and then click on Evaluation and Groups.
    Last Modified: 1/19/2022
  • Copy Channels and Content to new Team
    There are three stages to this article, and we recommend proceeding from top to bottom until you are familiar with the overall process. Class Materials select all contents from inside Class Material...
    Last Modified: 12/13/2021
  • Adding a Tab to a Team Channel
    How to add a tab to your Team channel
    Last Modified: 12/10/2021
  • External Users and Teams
    It is easiest to host meetings with other Hendrix users, or other folks with Office 365 accounts, but you can invite anyone to a Teams meeting as long as they have an email account and a web browser.
    Last Modified: 10/6/2021
  • Removing a student who has received an Assignment from Teams
    Although the drop add process automatically manages your Team roster, students who drop a class after Assignments have been made in the Team may still have "residual" existence in the Team even though...
    Last Modified: 9/1/2021
  • Move or Copy a file in Teams
    Use Teams on the desktop or web to quickly move or copy files. Go to the Files tab in a channel. Or, if the file is in your OneDrive, go to Files on the left of Teams and select OneDrive. Select Mor...
    Last Modified: 8/19/2021