Catalog 2019-2020

Catalog Selection for Graduation Requirements

When students declare a major they specify which Catalog is used to determine their graduation requirements for the major. Students may select any single Catalog used while they are enrolled at Hendrix. If students choose to declare a second major or a minor, then the same Catalog is used for all the students' major and minor declarations. In situations when a student's major or minor has significant changes or when a new major or minor is created, a single Catalog is still used. However, course substitutions can be approved by the appropriate department chairs, in consultation with the Registrar, to minimize the difficulties created by the changes.

Declaring a Catalog year means that the students' graduation audits use the information from that year's Catalog list of Major and Minor requirements for graduation. However. requirements for the Collegiate Center and all other academic policies in the most current Catalog are the ones followed for any other issues involving Catalog language. Students and advisors with questions should always request clarification from the Registrar's Office.

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