Office of International Programs

Hendrix-in-Washington (United States)

Our Partner: The Washington Center

The Washington Center (TWC; was launched in 1975 as a DC-based, nonprofit organization to provide internship opportunities for undergraduate students throughout the US. In the 1980s academic courses were added to the curriculum to both broaden and deepen the student experience. TWC now has more than seventy full-time staff, and over 50,000 alumni.

A Four-Credit Academic and Internship Program with TWC

The  partnership with TWC provides unique opportunities for Hendrix regardless of major. While the internship is the foundation of the program, complimentary academic work enriches the experience. Academic credits are awarded according to the following scheme:

1. The Internship (Course Dependent upon Faculty Advisor): TWC is able to find internships placements across all fields, majors and professional interest areas. Internships are based in the governmental, nonprofit and private sectors. The process is driven by individual students’ interests, and TWC staff members guide the process. TWC continues to provide oversight throughout the internship. TWC internships require thirty-two hours per week, so students are at their internship sites Monday through Thursday. Hendrix students will register their internships with Tricia Burris in Career Services. Each student must have an internship advisor from the Hendrix faculty, and course number will be assigned from the advisor’s home department .
One Hendrix Credit. Grade recommended by TWC but ultimately assigned by the Hendrix advisor.

2. Leadership Forum (POLI 385 Leadership in Washington DC): A Leadership Forum is provided every Friday by TWC. The Forum has five components:

  • distinguished speakers series (including cabinet members, CEOs, ambassadors, and journalists);
  • program-specific sessions (students identify a field of interest);
  • civic engagement projects with the community;
  • global citizenship day; and
  • public policy dialogues (often with members of Congress).

    In addition to participating in these activities, the student will create a professional portfolio.

One Hendrix Credit. Grade recommended by TWC and assigned by Hendrix-in-Washington coordinator.

3. TWC Academic Course (POLI 387Special Topics in American Studies)

The TWC course is an integral part of the experience. Students are able choose one from approximately thirty courses typically offered during a semester. The courses, in many cases, have a direct relationship to the internship. They are taught by highly qualified faculty members and meet one night per week. They are grounded in traditional disciplines, yet taught within the context of the wide array of resources available in Washington, D.C. Some of the fields offered:

  • American Politics and Public Policy
  • Business, Management and Public Administration
  • Communications
  • International Affairs and Foreign Policy
  • Law and Criminal Justice
  • Leadership
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

    One Hendrix Credit Grade recommended by TWC professor and assigned by Hendrix-in-Washington coordinator. 

4. Capstone Course(POLI386 A Capital Odyssey: Living and Learning in Washington, DC)

This course is taught remotely by the Hendrix-in-Washington coordinator (who will also make a couple of trips to DC). It utilizes the framework of Odyssey categories and a placed-based, experiential approach to study governance, culture and society in the nation's capital. The students will pursue engaged learning experiences foreach of these five categories:

  • AC = attend various cultural events in DC and explore the concept, "A great nation deserves great art" (the state role in promoting and preserving art);
  • GA = explore DC's role in US-international relations and US foreign relations (visits to US State Department, foreign embassies, Council on Foreign Relations, congressional committee);
  • PL = vocational discernment in DC (job shadowing/interviewing in context beyond the student's internship, which is separate from this course);
  • SW = explore social justice issues (engage in service learning project as a group or individual);
  • UR = engage in mini-research projects (Library of Congress or Smithsonian).One Hendrix Credit
    Graded by Hendrix-in-Washington coordinator. Course is coded for SP Odyssey credit.

Cost and Financial Aid

Program fee is approximately $16,545. This includes tuition, fees and housing. The program fee may change based upon the number of students participating, and TWC inflationary price increases. Other estimated costs:

  • Books: $200
  • Airfare: $500
  • Local transportation: $525
  • Incidentals: $500
  • Food: $2,100

These costs are highly variable depending on the individual student. For example, the budget student can save money by preparing most meals in the apartment. Hendrix scholarships cannot be used for the Hendrix-in-Washington program. However, all forms of external aid (loans, grants, external scholarships) do apply. Please see the Hendrix Financial Aid Office to understand your individual financial situation. TWC also offers scholarships to US students, including some specifically for students from Arkansas. These typically range from $500-$4,000. You may apply for these as you apply to the TWC.

Requirements for Participation

You must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Have a GPA of at least 2.75 (students with lower GPAs may be considered).
  • First-semester sophomores must participate in a phone interview as part of the admissions process.

    For More Information and Help with your TWC Application, please contact Dr. Peter Gess (