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Oxford Programme for Undergraduate Studies (United Kingdom)

Oxford GroupFor the independent student interested in studying and living in one of the world's great centers of learning.

The Oxford Programme for Undergraduate Studies (OPUS) provides one or two semesters of supervised independent study in a personalized and flexible framework in one of the world's great centers of learning. The city of Oxford, which is 55 miles from London and has a population of 140,000, is truly a "college town."


Students study as a member of a long-established and full-time private program. Courses are taught in the tutorial system; students meet with their major tutor every week and a minor tutor bi-weekly. Tutorial essays are due at each meeting. The list of possible subjects of study is extensive and includes many types of classes found in the humanities and social science areas at Hendrix. Christmas and Spring vacations are long, sometimes up to five weeks, and students often have the opportunity for extensive travel in Europe and beyond.

Coursework Language Grades/Credits Cost
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Each Hendrix student selects one major tutorial (meets one hour weekly, worth two Hendrix course credits) and one minor tutorial (meets one hour every other week, worth one Hendrix course credit) for each 9-week term. Individual tutors provide personal instruction in virtually any course of study from the humanities and social sciences. Fall semester students take a group tutorial plus the major and minor tutorials, for a total of 4 Hendrix course credits. Spring semester students receive 3 Hendrix course credits for each of the two Oxford terms for a total of 6 Hendrix course credits

For more information about recommended tutorial topics, follow the link at the bottom of the page. Arrow 

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Language Skills

All tutorials are taught in English. It is also possible to select a foreign language as a major or minor tutorial. Arrow


Grades will appear on student’s transcript and do NOT figure into the cumulative GPA. Arrow

For acceptance into the program, students must have a 3.2 overall GPA or a 3.4 GPA in their major. Students are not matriculated at Oxford University and will not be associated with a specific college.


Current costs are $16,400 for the fall (Michaelmas Term, 4 HDX credits) and $26,000 for the spring (combined Hilary & Trinity Terms, 6 HDX credits); subject to annual adjustment. Each student is also responsible for airfare and spending money. 

Financial Aid

Normally, all federal and state financial aid applies, but Hendrix scholarships do NOT apply. However, Hendrix offers a special scholarship opportunity to OPUS applicants.  See the Study Abroad Office for details. Arrow


Currently, students do not need visas to study in England if for a period less than six months. 


Students live in houses or flats with other OPUS students. Each participant receives a weekly allowance for food (approximately 50 GBP). Arrow

Academic Calendar

The Hendrix Fall Semester equates to the Oxford Michaelmas Term (September – December). The Hendrix Spring Semester equates to the Hilary Term (January – March) plus the Trinity Term (April - June).

Hendrix students may attend Oxford for the fall semester or spring semester, but not both. Arrow

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