Office of International Programs

Academic Support

  1. International Student Summer Institute (Summer 2018)
    A unique and fun 5-week intensive pathways program that helps students adjust culturally and academically to life in the U.S. and at Hendrix.
  2. Courses (2018-19 Academic Year) 
    ESOL 118-119: International students can take up to two semesters of ESOL [English for Speakers of Other Languages] coursework for academic credit. These courses are designed to give international students extra support in English, and are essentially equivalent to domestic students taking two semesters of a foreign language to meet their Foreign Language requirement.
  3. Individual Tutoring:
    1. Writing Center Tutorials
      ESOL 118 and 119 students, and ENGL 110 who choose to partake, meet weekly for one hour with a designated Writing Center tutor who helps students with sentence-level grammar to essay structure and development.
    2. ESOL tutors
      A group of International Student Ambassadors provide 2-4 hours of designated study and conversation hours for international students each week. The focus of ESOL tutors is to support international students’ reading comprehension, vocabulary acquisition and conversation skills, and to provide a welcoming and relaxed space for students to bring questions both about academics and life at Hendrix.
    3. Individual meetings with the ESOL 118-119 instructor

International Students: Collegiate Center Capacities Requirements

Writing Capacity Requirement and the English Placement Test All Hendrix students must take ENGL 110 or a 200-level English literature course (coded W1) in order to meet the W1 writing capacity requirement.  However, many international students need developmental work in their English reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills before they can be successful in the required English courses and other writing intensive Hendrix courses.  To help students develop the English skills required for W1 and other courses, Hendrix may require them to complete an English as a Second or Other Language sequence, ESOL 118 and ESOL 119.

All first year international students take an English Placement Test, typically administered at the conclusion of the required International Student Summer Institute. The possible test outcomes and required actions are as follows:  

Possible Test Outcome Action Required
Placement in ESOL 118 Student MUST enroll in ESOL 118 in the fall
Placement in ESOL 119 Student MUST enroll in ESOL 119 in the fall
Recommendation for ENRL 110 or 200-level English literatur (ENGL or ENGF) course Student should enroll in recommended class as soon as possible to progress towards W1 certification

The English Placement Test is re-administered at the end of ESOL 118 and ESOL 119, and students may be required to repeat these courses.  ESOL 118 and ESOL 119 are taught for credit/no credit, and students will receive a grade of “NC” (no credit) until placed or recommended for a higher course.   While enrolled in the ESOL sequence, students are eligible for special test accommodations in their other courses. See Office of Academic Success for details.

Transfers. International students who transfer from another accredited American University with course work in English composition do not have to take the English Placement Test.  The English Department will use the student’s grades in non-ESOL English classes at the other university to make a recommendation of ENGL 110 or 200-level literature course.  If the student has only completed ESOL course work, then he or she must take the English Placement test.

Foreign Language Capacity Requirement

International students whose native language is not English are not required to study another foreign language to graduate.  They will meet the two-semester Foreign Language requirement by completing the W1 requirement. See the Catalog for a full explanation of the Writing Placement Policy and related policies.