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Study Away Overview: Summer 2024 and Academic Year 2024-25

Accademia dell’Arte (Italy) 
The ADA program in performing arts allows students to experience the rich tapestry of Italian culture while gaining insight and experience in European Theatre and Dance. Located in Arezzo in the heart of Tuscany. Summer, fall, or spring; scholarships available. 

Hendrix-in-Arezzo (Italy)
Intensive summer coursework  from late May to late June led by Dr. Anne Goldberg and Dr. Peter Gess and based in beautiful Tuscany, with day and overnight excursions across Italy.

Hendrix-in-Costa Rica 
Intensive summer coursework from early June to mid-July led by Dr. Carmen Merrick and Dr. J.D. Gantz and based in San Luis, near the famed cloud forests of Monteverde. Sponsored by the Hendrix-Murphy Foundation (pending October 2023).

Hendrix-in-Graz (Austria) 
Variety of courses offered across many disciplines at the University of Graz. Numerous classes are in taught in English; can also take German language courses or study in German. Fall, spring (recommended), or academic year. 

International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) 
ISEP allows students to choose from nearly 300 programs in more than 50 countries on 6 continents. May study in a foreign language, but many sites have courses instructed in English. Summer, fall, spring, or academic year. See ISEP's website for more information. 

Irish American Scholars Program (United Kingdom)
Stayed tuned for more information about a new exchange opportunity that allows for study at one of four institutions in Northern Ireland. Limited availability and 3.2 GPA required. Fall (recommended) or spring.

Hendrix-in-London: Roehampton (United Kingdom) 
Comprehensive course offerings at Roehampton University, London’s residential, liberal arts college. True immersion as you study beside students from the UK and around the world. Summer, fall, or spring. 

Hendrix-in-Madrid (Spain) 
Intensive summer coursework (typically the month of July) in Spanish language and literature while exploring cultural sites and locales of Madrid and the surrounding countryside. Led by Dr. José Vilahomat and Prof. Irmina Fabricio and sponsored by the Hendrix-Murphy Foundation. 

Hendrix-in-Nishinomiya (Japan) 
Exchange program with Kwansei Gakuin University in the Osaka-Kyoto region of Japan. Courses in the Modern Japan Track (taught in English) or Japanese Language Track (must be able to read, write, and pronounce Japanese hiragana and katakana). Summer, spring, or academic year. 

Oxford Honours Programme (United Kingdom) 
True immersion program as you enroll in St. Peter’s College, part of Oxford University. Study through the tutorial system, eat in the College dining hall, and live in the College residence hall. Full academic year only and 3.7 GPA required; scholarships available. 

Oxford Programme for Undergraduate Studies (United Kingdom) 
Unique tutorial system through OPUS: students choose two courses and meet with a tutor with expertise in the field either weekly or every two weeks. A variety of topics—history, literature, political science, international relations, economics, religion, philosophy and others—related to Britain, Europe and the world. Summer, fall, or spring; scholarships available.  

Hendrix-in-Tokyo (Japan) 
Exchange program with Aoyama Gakuin University. Over 160 courses offered in English, as well as Japanese language and culture courses at all levels. Live with Japanese students and exchange students from around the world. Spring or academic year. 

Hendrix-in-Tours (France) 
Intensive summer coursework (typically the month of June) in the French language while exploring museums, cultural sites and locales of Tours. Led by Dr. Cathy Jellenik and sponsored by the Hendrix-Murphy Foundation. 

Hendrix-in-Washington (United States) 
Academic and internship program with The Washington Center (TWC) in D.C. providing unique opportunities for all students regardless of major. Summer, fall, or spring; scholarships available through TWC.  

Hendrix-in-Zhuhai (China) 
Study a variety of courses at United International College, a leading liberal arts college located in Guangdong Province in southern China, near Hong Kong and Macau. Classes taught in English. Fall, spring, or academic year. 

Independent Programs 
Hendrix allows students to study abroad through other programs. This includes direct enrollment in a foreign university or through a study abroad provider (another U.S. college/university or a non-profit or for-profit organization). Students must first obtain Hendrix approval to study abroad by submitting an application in CampusWeb.