Office of International Programs

Choose the program right for you


Here are some questions you should ponder as you make plans to study abroad:

  • WHY would a learning experience abroad be beneficial to me?
  • WHERE would I like to go?
  • WHAT would I like to study while abroad? WHAT type of experience would best suit me?
  • HOW will study abroad fit into my degree program here?
  • WHEN can I go and for how long?
  • HOW will I finance the experience?

Where can I get the facts required to make informed choices?:

  • See our list of Hendrix study abroad programs. Each program offers a unique and engaging study abroad experience.
  • Seek out information on your own. You will find lots of terrific, detailed information on the web. Check out the following sites for external or independent programs:
  • The Study Abroad Resource Room in the SLTC 238 is another great resource to research study abroad programs. You'll find catalogs, travel guides, and magazines to help you in your quest for a program that works best for you.
  • Also, feel free to contact your Study Abroad Advisor in the Office of International Programs, SLTC 243 or at with any questions you may have about Hendrix College study abroad opportunities.