Office of International Programs

Hendrix-in-Graz (Austria)

The Hendrix-in-Graz exchange program with the University of Graz is for full year, fall or spring, but it is recommended for full year or spring.   A wide array of courses is offered in multiple disciplines.  Students can take courses in English or German.  All courses at Graz, except those involving laboratory space, are open to Hendrix students.

Alexja Betz - Graz 2015

Graz, Austria, has a population of 300,000. The six universities in Graz—which accommodate around 44,000 students—create a fabulous college-town atmosphere.


Language of Instruction

Students with 3-4 semesters of college-level German language courses may take their courses in German.  Students with little or no background in the German language may take courses in English.  A three-week intensive German course is required for students who do not have any German.  The three- week intensive course is offered before regular university courses begin and at a reduced rate for Hendrix students.


Grades will not appear on each student’s Hendrix transcript, and do NOT figure into the cumulative GPA. Students must earn the equivalent of a “C” or better to be awarded transfer credit.


Students pay Hendrix tuition, room and board.  Each individual student is also responsible for travel and visa costs, and spending money.

Financial Aid

Normally, all financial aid applies, including Hendrix scholarships. Students are encouraged to verify their situation through the Hendrix Financial Aid Office. 


A residence required for students going to Austria for one semester and full year.  US citizens can apply for the residence permit AFTER they arrive in Graz. A Graz staff member will assist students in applying for the residence permit after their arrival.  Students may also apply for the residence permit in the United States BEFORE they go, but they will need to go to Washington D.C., New York, or Los Angeles to obtain the residence permit.


Students live in dorms, in most cases with one or more other students.  Each student receives a food stipend and can purchase food in the cafeteria or in local grocery stores.

Academic Calendar

The Graz fall semester runs from October to February, and the spring semester from March to June. Hendrix students may study at the university for the whole year or for either the fall or spring semester. Because the Graz fall semester runs into the Hendrix spring semester, students abroad at Graz during the fall will have to arrange early finals. Spring semester is recommended. Students taking business courses cannot arrange for early finals.

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