Office of International Programs

Arrival Information

Planning Your Trip to the United States

Before You Leave

  1. I-20* Email official, scanned copies of the following to
    • Copy of your Hendrix College Financial Aid and Scholarship Letter
    • A copy of the identification page(s) of your passport
    • Proof of Funding
      • Sponsor’s Official bank statement or letter from his/her bank proving sufficient funds to cover the student’s first academic year at Hendrix
      • Address to which we should send your I-20.

    • *Admissions Office will mail your Initial I-20 to your home via Federal Express.
    • Visa Application Once you receive the Form I-20, you need to apply for a visa at a U.S. embassy or consulate outside the United States. Please follow these steps to complete the application.

      • Complete the online application for a non-immigrant visa, Form DS-160 .
        • Complete the online visa application.
          • Print the application form confirmation page to bring to your interview.
          • Photo –You will upload your photo while completing the online Form DS-160. Your photo must be in the format explained in Photograph Requirements.
      • Pay the visa application fee ($160) following the instructions on the website of the U.S. embassy or consulate nearest you.
      • Schedule an interview at the U.S. embassy or consulatenearest you following instructions on the embassy/consulate website.
      • Prepare for your interview.
        • Pay the SEVIS fee on-line($200). Print and keep your receipt for your visa application interview.
        • Gather required documents:
          • Passport
          • DS-160 application confirmation page.
          • Visa application fee receipt.
          • Photo (bring an extra copy in case the upload failed)
          • Original Form I-20issued by Hendrix and signed by Gwen Stockwell (Hendrix DSO) and yourself. (This can NOT be a copy!)
          • Proof of Finances (same document you gave Admissions upon acceptance)
          • Proof of Academic Status (= a copy of the electronic letter of acceptance to Hendrix that you received via email)
          • Any additional documentation as listed on the U.S. embassy or consulatewebsite
        • At your interview, prepare to briefly explain the following in clear English:
          • Why you chose Hendrix College
            1. For example: small classes, Biology program, etc.
          • Describe your future career plans after you return home and explain how studying at Hendrix will contribute to those goals.
            1. IMPORTANT: Remember to emphasize in the interview that you will be returning home after the completion of your studies!
          • If they ask about the Hendrix International Student Summer Institute:
            1. It is required for all incoming international students.
            2. Why is it required? = to help me prepare for the challenges of an American liberal arts education – heavy reading loads, essay writing, research, critical thinking, active class participation, and cultural expectations in the classroom.
            3. Transition to fall classes: I will be continuing directly from the summer program to the academic year.
    • Important Information
    • Vaccinations& Health Forms
      • Required Vaccinations
        * Must be completed within the first 30 days of student’s arrival to Hendrix.
        * Recommended: Complete MMR and Meningitis before arriving to the U.S.
        • MMR (measles Mumps and rubella):

          students are required to have 2 dosesof MMR.   (There is a minimal interval of 30 days between the two doses).  If this requirement is not met (or at least in process) within 30 days of starting class, you will have to leave campus. 

        •  Meningococcal Meningitis

          Hendrix College requires students to be immunized against meningitis.  If the student chooses not to be immunized, a waiver must be completed.  The waiver is available at Health Services. 

        • Tuberculosis (TB) Test:

          Arkansas law requires student from countries with endemic TB have a blood test (TSPOT).  Basically, if you were born or spent time in Asia, Africa, Central or South America or Eastern Europe and are not a permanent United States Citizen, you must be tested. The blood test will be done at Medical Labs of Arkansas which is located across the street from Hendrix Corner Apartments.  You must provide health insurance information.  Not all insurance policies cover the test, so be prepared to pay $55 which will come out of your Hendrix College account.
          *This test must be done in the United States when you arrive.

      • Required Documents
        • Complete the following forms (also attached in this email)
          • Student Health Information Questionnaire
          • Tuberculosis Risk Assessment
          • Certificate of Immunization (or: Copy of your Official Immunization Record)
        • Scan and send these three forms to:
    • Payment
      • Notification of payment due: Approximately July 1, 2016

        Notification will be sent to your Hendrix e-mail account when your billing statement is ready to be viewed. All billing statements are retrieved online via CampusWeb: paper copies are not mailed.

      • Payment Due: August 15, 2016
      • Fall Bill Includes:
        • Fall Tuition, Fees, Room and Board
        • Summer Institute: $3,995
        • Health Insurance (if you elect to use the Hendrix College Plan): $1,487 (2015-16) All Hendrix College students are required by U.S. law to have health insurance, through a family employee plan, a private insurer or the quality plan offered by the college.  The school plan is serviced by Consolidated Health Plans and underwritten by Nationwide Life Insurance Company. You may choose to find another health insurance provider, but Hendrix cannot help you with this process.
    • Flight to Little Rock, Arkansas (Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport)
      Send your flight itinerary to Gwen Stockwell at
      • Arrival Date for Degree-seeking International Students: Tuesday, July 5, 2016
      • Early Arrival:
        • If you decide to come earlier, remember that you cannot legally arrive more than 30 days prior to the first day of classes.
        • We will not provide housing and food until the date of arrival.
    • What to Pack
      • Weather in Central Arkansas
        • Summer – hot and humid
        • Winter – can get cold
        Please visit our ">Climate page for more information.
      • Specific Items
        Clothing and Outerwear Medicine, Toiletries and Other Essentials
        • Socks, underwear, bras
        • Shorts, pants, skirts
        • Long and short sleeve shirts
        • Sweaters, sweatshirts
        • Workout clothes
        • Bathing suit
        • Sleepwear: pajamas, bathrobe, slippers
        • Prescription medicines

          *You may be unable to get prescriptions written by your home doctor filled in the United States.  Typically, you will need to be examined by a physician in the United States and issued a new prescription.  If you have a chronic medical condition requiring regular medication, please contact Student Health Services before arrival to make arrangements.

        • Official Immunization Record
        • 1 pair of work out shoes (gym facilities, walking & hiking trails available)
        • 1 alternate pair of shoes
        • 1 pair flip-flops or shower shoes
        • Pair of waterproof boots or shoes
        • Eyeglasses and/or contact lenses (& supplies)
        • Sunglasses
        • Laptop computer
        • Phone, iPad or other electronic items
        • Adapter (if necessary)
        • Backpack
        • Toiletries (optional – easy to buy in U.S.)
         Jackets/Outer gear:
        • Raincoat/poncho
        • Lightweight jacket
        • Medium-weight jacket
        • Winter hat, gloves/mittens, scarf
        Optional (Easy to buy in U.S.)
        • Toiletries: toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, deodorant, moisturizers, cosmetics, sanitary products, soap
        • Umbrella

    Day of Travel to the U.S

    It is important that you keep your most valuable items with you on the plane.  We recommend cash, credit cards and travelers checks be carried in a discreet money belt. 

    Important Documents & Carry-on Items:

    • Airline ticket(s) for your flight to Little Rock
    • Money (US dollars & traveler’s checks)
    • Credit or debit card(s)
    • Passport, valid for at least six months into the future, w/ valid F-1 or J-1 visa stamp inside
    • Form I-20 or DS-2019
    • Your Hendrix admissions letter and proof of financial support
    • Receipt for paying I-901 SEVIS fee
    • Name and contact information of your Designated School Official (DSO)
    • Any prescription medications that you need to bring, with the written  prescriptions from your doctor
    • One complete change of clothing and toiletries, in the event that your checked luggage is delayed
    • Your driver's license and a translation, or "international driver's license," if you intend to drive

    Port of Entry

    When you first arrive in the United States (at your port of entry – usually the first airport that is on U.S. soil), you will need to provide the following documents:

    • Passport
    • Visa stamp (if applicable, located in your passport)
    • SEVIS form I-20 (F-1) or DS-2019 (J-1) [original signed document we sent to you – NOT a copy]
    • SEVIS fee receipt
    • Supporting financial documentation

    A U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officer will place an admission stamp in your passport and will then write the visa status you were given (F-1 or J-1) and the expiration date. For students with F-1 or J-1 status, the expiration is noted with “D/S” which stands for duration of status. Please check to make sure the CBP officer puts the correct status and expiration date down.  When you enter the country, an electronic record of your admission, known as the I-94, will also be created. You can find a copy of this record by visiting: In case you have any problems during this inspection, have the number of your DSO available.

    Little Rock International Airport & Hendrix College Campus

    Please send your itinerary (or other arrival information) to Ms. Gwen Stockwell, Director of International Student Services ( ) as soon as it is arranged. The Office of International Programs will arrange an airport pick-up for you and bring you directly to your Hendrix dorm room.

    When you arrive to the Hendrix Campus, you should have your DSO make a copy of the front pages of your passport and CBP stamp (I-94 information) in your passport.

    Remember that it is important to report to your school as soon as possible after arriving in the United States.