Office of International Programs

International Student Exchange Programs (ISEP)


International Student Exchange Programs allows Hendrix students to choose from over 150 colleges and universities worldwide.

ISEP is a nonprofit organization which manages the multilateral exchange of students worldwide. It is possible, through ISEP, to study abroad at nearly 300 different programs in more than 56 countries, covering all six inhabited continents. 

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Because Hendrix students essentially become enrolled in the host institution, the full range of course offerings are typically available (although some universities do limit the courses that international students may take). The ISEP website and catalog have a list indicating which disciplines can be studied at each host university.

Language of Instruction

Some ISEP member institutions, notably those found in France, Germany, and Spain (as well as in other countries), require significant prior college coursework in the host-country language. Students may also attend universities in English-speaking countries. Additionally, dozens of universities in non-English speaking countries offer courses in English. It is also possible to study the host-country language at many institutions.


Grades do not appear on each student’s transcript and do not figure into the cumulative GPA. Students must earn the equivalent of a “C” or better to be awarded transfer credit.

Please note that students CANNOT receive college credit for pass/fail classes taken abroad.


ISEP has two types of programs: Exchange and Direct. Hendrix students who participate through ISEP Exchange pay regular Hendrix tuition, room, and board. Students participating in ISEP Direct will pay the tuition, room, and board of their host universities. All students are responsible for their own travel costs, spending money, and visa fees (if any). Visa requirements vary from country to country. ISEP and the Office of International Programs will provide guidance on the visa application process.

Financial Aid

Normally, all financial aid applies, including Hendrix scholarships, for ISEP Exchange programs. However, only federal and state aid can be used for ISEP Direct programs. Students are encouraged to verify their situation through the Hendrix Financial Aid Office.  



Normally, students are housed in dorms and receive a meal stipend. However, this depends upon the host institution. In some cases it is possible to live with a host family or in a private apartment, or to participate in a cafeteria-based meal plan. For specifics, check the ISEP website for room and board options at each host institution.

Academic Calendar

In most cases, students can study abroad during the fall semester, spring semester, or both. Students may also apply for summer programs through ISEP.

For More Information

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