Office of International Programs

Independent or External Programs

Yet to find that perfect study abroad program?

Ecuador, 2015

If you have examined the Hendrix study-abroad programs and have yet to find that perfect opportunity, the Office of International Programs will work with you to identify the program "with your name on it." You may study abroad through another US or foreign university, or through a study-abroad provider. However, the Office must review your proposed program for academic rigor, safety, and reputation.

If you study abroad through such an independent program, you will NOT be able to use your Hendrix scholarships, but in most cases your federal and state aid applies. Grades will not be reported on your Hendrix transcript, nor with they be calculated as part of your cumulative GPA. However, you must earn the equivalent of a "C" or better for transfer credit to be awarded.

Please note that students CANNOT receive college credit for pass/fail classes taken abroad.

And even though you are studying abroad through an external program, you must still apply to Hendrix for approval. Applications for Summer 2022, Fall 2022, Spring 2023, or 2022-23 academic year programs must be submitted via the online form by Monday, November 8, 2021.