Office of International Programs

How to Apply for Study Abroad

The application deadline for all summer 2023, fall 2023, spring 2024, or 2023-24 academic year programs abroad is November 7, 2022 (with a second deadline for spring 2024 programs on February 1, 2023). 

The Hendrix International/Intercultural Studies Committee (I/ISC) approves all students for study abroad. This includes students studying through Hendrix programs, Hendrix-affiliated programs, and external or independent programs.

The process begins with an online application submitted to the Office of International Programs (link will appear below). Before you launch the application, prepare these elements:

  1. You will need to supply your basic student information, including your Hendrix ID number, cell phone number, and cumulative GPA.
  2. You will need to supply the name and email address of your academic advisor.
  3. Reference Forms
    • will be completed online by your references
    • you will need to provide the name and email address of a faculty member, i.e. professor or instructor, to complete the academic reference
    • you will need to provide the name and email address of someone to complete your general reference (can be a faculty member but does not have to be; can be someone at Hendrix but does not have to be)
    • please contact your references and let them know to expect an email request to complete a simple reference (references will be due on Thursday, November 10)
  4. You will choose the program or programs to which you would like to apply. Reminder: Students may not study abroad during the final semester of their senior year.
  5. Course Plan for the Next Two Years (only for fall, spring, or academic year programs)
    • you will map out your courses for Fall 2023 through Spring 2025
    • your academic advisor will be asked to sign off on this plan, so please meet with your advisor before starting the application!
  6. A Short Essay
    • Prompt: Please explain what you feel has prepared you for undertaking the proposed program of study away, how you believe you would benefit from the experience, and how it would complement your degree program at Hendrix and, if applicable, your future career goals. Please also comment on how you will approach unfamiliar and challenging situations while away.
    • we suggest you draft your essay in Microsoft Word (or other app), and then copy and paste into the application
    • the essay should be no more than about one page, single-spaced, standard margins and font size

The I/ISC will review the applications and notify students of their approval. For many programs, getting approved for study abroad from Hendrix is the first phase of the process. You may need to submit an additional application and paperwork for the second phase of the application process.  

Click here to access the application form!