Office of International Programs

Hendrix-in-London: Roehampton

This program is located in Roehampton, a suburb of London, one of the great cultural capitals of the world.  London has a population of over seven million.

Located in the leafy south west of London, the Roehampton campus is surrounded by lively and affluent areas such as Putney, Kingston and Richmond. Covent Garden, the South Bank, Soho and Westminster are just 20 minutes away by train, offering a perfect balance for anyone who wants to be in one of the world’s most vibrant cities while living on a safe and peaceful campus.



Students will normally take three courses per semester and can choose from ten academic departments.  A London Studies course is offered where the city is used as the classroom and students get the chance to experience London from an exciting academic perspective. 
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Language Skills

All courses are taught in English.


Grades will not appear on each student's transcript, and do not figure into the cumulative GPA.  Students must earn the equivalent of a "C" or better to be awarded transfer credit.


The fees for tuition and board for Fall 2018 will be £7,700 (approximately $12,500) and for Spring 2019 will be £8,500 (approximately $13,800).  Additional expenses for students include food, travel, and "pocket money".

Financial Aid

Normally, all federal and state financial aid applies, but Hendrix scholarships do not.  Students are encouraged to verify their situation through the Hendrix Financial Aid Office.


Currently students do not need visas to study in England if for a period less than six months.


Students will live in single-occupancy residence halls.  Students can prepare their own meals or eat on campus.  Meals are not included.

Academic Calendar

The Hendrix-in-London: Roehampton Program is available both the Fall and Spring semesters or full year.  In Fall 2018, the program will run from mid-September to early-January, with a 2 week long winter break. In Spring 2019, the program will run from mid-January to June.

Applications are due Monday, November 4th, 2019.