Office of International Programs

Oxford Honours Programme (United Kingdom)


True immersion program as you enroll in St. Peter's College, a part of Oxford University.  Study through the tutorial system, eat in the College dining hall, and live in the College residence hall.  Full year only and a 3.7 GPA required. Only two students may participate per year. 

The city of Oxford, which is 55 miles from London, is home to one of the world's most famous universities.  With a population of only 140,000, Oxford is truly a college town.


Students study through the traditional tutorial method, which involves meeting one-on-one or in small groups with a member of the St. Peter's College faculty each week.  Students take two tutorials per term, for a total of six during the year (the equivalent of 9 Hendrix credits).  The individual tutors provide personal instruction in virtually any course of study from the fields of humanities and social sciences.
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Language Skills

All tutorials are taught in English.  It is also possible to select a foreign language as a tutorial subject.


Grades will not appear on the student's transcript and do not figure into the cumulative GPA.

Please note that students CANNOT receive course credit for pass/fail courses taken abroad.


Tuition and room for the academic year is approximately £30,500 (about $40,000 US).  Food and other expenses may run another $4,500.  However, significant scholarships are available.

Financial Aid

Normally, all federal and state financial aid applies, but regular Hendrix scholarships do not.  Hendrix offers a special scholarship (about $25,000) to each participating student.


A Tier IV student visa is required.  St. Peter's College and Hendrix will help with the application process.  Students are responsible for paying any visa costs.


Students live in St. Peter's College flats, in the heart of Oxford.  Students are responsible for all meal costs (pay-as-you-go at the St. Peter's dining hall, cook in your flat, or visit local restaurants).

Academic Calendar

St. Peter's college and Oxford University follow three academic terms per year: Michaelmas Term (September-December), Hilary Term (January-March), and Trinity Term (April-June). 
Hendrix students MUST attend for the full year..