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Hendrix-in-Costa Rica

Costa Rica '15

A memorable and unique learning experience in a Latin American environment.

cr5 During this 6-week summer program, students experience the natural splendor and exciting culture of Costa Rica, a stable, safe, and democratic country located in Central America. The home base is San Luis, near the famed cloud forests of Monteverde. The program includes several local field trips plus a 1-week excursion to more distant parts of Costa Rica. Program dates are June 5 to July 17, 2022.

Summer 2022 Coursework

Students will take the following two courses and earn two Hendrix credits. Each course is designed for any student of any major to take. The class experience will consist of traditional classroom lectures, field excursions, and community interaction.

Writing Costa Rica: Anthropology, Place, and Creative Writing (ANTH 385)

Using anthropological and creative writing practices, this course seeks to deepen and complicate our understanding of contemporary landscapes and communities. Engaging with writings, class visitors, and local places, we will explore the role of place in the face of global processes like migration and climate change. We will consider how culture and nature interact, and how to engage with that through the practice of non-fiction writing. We will investigate how place is one of many factors that builds cultural and individual identity, and we will explore how writing methods and genres can change the way the writer and the reader experience and understand place. Our focus will be on Costa Rican culture and landscapes, and we will read examples of literary works that articulate with this topic. 

Instructor: Dr. Anne Goldberg

Neotropical Biology (with lab) (BIOL 106) 

An introduction to the diversity, structure, function, and history of tropical ecosystems. Students will study evolutionary processes, ecological patterns, geological history, biodiversity, and conservation of the New World Tropics, with emphasis on the incredible local ecosystems of Costa Rica. Students cannot also receive credit for BIOL-102: Natural History. 

Instructor: Dr. Jennifer Penner

Language Skills

Courses are taught in English; no prior knowledge of Spanish is needed. 


As these are Hendrix courses, grades will appear on the student’s transcript and DO figure into the cumulative GPA.  Students can also receive Global Awareness (GA) Odyssey credit.   


This experience is partially funded by the Hendrix-Murphy Foundation. The expected student contribution for Summer 2022 is $1,500 per person. This fee, plus support from the Hendrix-Murphy Foundation, covers tuition, lodging, meals, and travel costs for the entire six weeks. 

The Hendrix-Murphy Foundation has a small discretionary fund to help students in financial need meet the out-of-pocket expenses for summer programs. As a rule of thumb, if you are Pell eligible you may qualify for this assistance. Please contact Sarah Engeler-Young at for more information. 

Financial Aid

cr1Federal aid may apply. Students are encouraged to verify their situation through the Hendrix Financial Aid Office.


Students will have access to shared cabinas, a dining hall, and a classroom at the Casitas de Montaña Cabuya, a privately owned facility.

The closest town, Santa Elena, is 20 minutes away, and has grocery stores, restaurants, and a pharmacy. 

Costa Rica, 2015

Academic Calendar

Dates for Summer 2022:  June 5 to July 17, 2022

Faculty Contacts

  • Dr. Goldberg: or 501-450-3896
  • Dr. Penner: or 501-450-1239