Catalog 2022-2023


The Hendrix Internship Program provides students with the opportunity to gain additional experience in their areas of study and to explore potential career and vocational strengths and interests. The structure of the program offers a platform for students to apply classroom theories to the solutions of actual workplace problems as well as investigate whether a specific career path is relevant and exciting for their personal goals.  Internship site supervisors assist interns by providing training, projects and direct supervision throughout the semester/summer, while Faculty internship sponsors help provide an academic reference point for real world experiences. Interns also participate in a professional development class through the Office of Career Services to help support and guide them through the process.  The combination of activities, hands on-experience, and reflection provides a rich environment for academic, personal and career-oriented growth. 

To participate in the internship program, students must be at least sophomore level and in good academic standing with the College. All participating students must fully complete an Internship Proposal Packet (available through the Office of Career Services) before starting an internship. 

Internships can satisfy certain credit types within the academic field: 

  • Academic Course Credit (CR grade, counts toward graduation and as a scheduled class), 
  • Odyssey Credit (Pre-approved for PL credit). 

Academic course credit internships also receive Odyssey credit.  At most two academic course credit internships are allowed to count as a course credit toward graduation. Students wishing to take an internship for credit as a fifth class must pay the fifth class fee.

In order to be considered an “internship” at Hendrix College, the following rules apply: 

  • A minimum of 120 hours of work over a minimum of 8 weeks with an internship site outside of Hendrix College,
  • A maximum of two academic semesters, or one semester and one summer,
  • Supervision by a member of the Hendrix Faculty or administrative staff, 
  • Participation in three Professional Development Workshops offered by the Office of Career Services, and
  • A reflective activity meeting Odyssey requirements.

For academic credit internships:

  • Supervision by a member of the Hendrix Faculty
  • weekly reflective journal based on provided prompts
  • two readings selected by the Faculty advisor from academic journals, textbooks, books, articles, etc.
  • one of the following:
    • A six-page academic paper on a topic agreed upon by the Faculty advisor and student
    • a presentation to the public on an academic topic weaving in internship experiences
    • a portfolio of work linking academic learning with the internship

Professionally-related experiences that do not meet these criteria may still qualify as “professional field experiences” appropriate for Odyssey credit in the PL category. 

The Miller Center for Vocation, Ethics, and Calling offers distinctive programming that assists students in the exploration and integration of their vocational passions, career aspirations, and calling.  

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