Catalog 2022-2023

Advanced Placement Credits

The Advanced Placement exams and courses for which credit is granted are listed below. Credit granted for a specific course counts toward the satisfaction of any requirement toward which the listed course counts, with two exceptions: (1) the Level I Writing Requirement (W1) may not be satisfied by AP credits; and (2) Learning Domain requirements may not be satisfied by AP credits. A maximum of six credits may be awarded for any combination of AP, IB, Cambridge IE, and CLEP exam credits.

AP Exam Min. Score Hendrix Course Equivalent
Art—Drawing  3
*One course elective in ARTS
*One course elective in ARTH
Biology 3
BIOL 101 Concepts in Biology (w/Lab)
Chemistry 3
CHEM 100 Concepts in Chemistry
CHEM 110 General Chemistry I (w/Lab)
Computer Science A 3 CSCI 150­ Foundations of Computer Science
Economics­—Macroeconomics 3
ECON 100­ Survey of Economic Issues
Economics­—Microeconomics 3
ECON 100­ Survey of Economic Issues
Economics—Both Macro & Micro
ECON 100 and one course elective in ECON 
English­—Language and Composition 3
ENGL 110­ Intro to Academic Writing
English­—Literature and Composition 3
*One course elective in ENGL
Environmental Science 3
BIOL 104­ Environmental Biology (w/Lab)
History­—European 3
*One course elective in HIST 
History­—United States 3
*One course elective in HIST 
History­—World  3
*One course elective in HIST 
Languages—Chinese (Mandarin)  3
**CHIN 110 Elementary Chinese I 
**FREN 110 First Year French I
Languages—French Literature 3
One course elective in FREN 
Languages—Latin 3
**LATI 110 Fundamentals of Latin I
Languages—Spanish 3
**SPAN 110 Fundamentals of Spanish I 
Languages—Spanish Literature 3
One course elective in SPAN
Mathematics­—Calculus AB 3
MATH 130­ Calculus I
Mathematics­—Calculus BC 3 MATH 130­ Calculus I
Mathematics—Calculus BC 4 MATH 130 Calculus I and MATH 140 Calculus II
Mathematics—Precalculus MATH 120 Precalculus
Mathematics—Statistics 3
MATH 215 Introductory Statistics
Music 3
**MUSI 100 Music Fundamentals
Physics—Physics 1 3
PHYS 210 Gen. Physics I (w/Lab)
Physics—Physics 2 3
PHYS 220 Gen. Physics II (w/Lab)
Physics—Physics C: Mech  3
PHYS 235 Gen. Physics I Workshop (w/Lab)
Physics—Physics C: E & M  3
PHYS 245 Gen. Physics II Workshop (w/Lab)
Politics—U.S. Government/Politics 3
*One course elective in POLI
Politics—Comparative Government/Politics  3
*One course elective in POLI
Psychology 3
*PSYC 110 Introduction to Psychology

* This elective course credit can count toward elective requirements in the associated department's majors and minors. 

** The Languages and Music Departments give a placement exam that may result in a recommendation to take this course rather than receive the AP credit.

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