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The Hendrix Four-Year Guarantee

The Hendrix Four-Year Guarantee

Choose a major and stick to that major, be a full-time student with a full course load, and maintain the standards of academic progress at Hendrix. Meet these criteria and you will graduate from Hendrix in four years. If you don’t, the remaining Hendrix College courses you need to graduate are yours. Tuition-free.

With the Hendrix Four-Year Guarantee, Hendrix will make sure courses are available for you to complete the Collegiate Center and major requirements for a baccalaureate degree by the end of your eighth consecutive semester at Hendrix. If you meet the Hendrix Four-Year Guarantee conditions and still do not graduate in eight semesters, Hendrix will credit you the tuition for any remaining Hendrix courses you need to complete your degree.*

*The Hendrix Four-Year Guarantee is not available for transfer students. Joint degree programs with other institutions & programs that require coursework beyond the major are excluded from the Hendrix Four-Year Guarantee.

What you do

  • Declare a major by the College deadline before registering for your junior year classes and stick with that major.
  • Check with your academic advisor(s) every semester to receive guidance to help you select courses to meet all College and major requirements.
  • Adjust your preferred schedule to take courses you need when they are offered.
  • Successfully complete the courses necessary each academic year to meet the minimum graduation requirements.
  • Maintain the required College and major grade point averages and earn sufficient grades to enroll in the next level of required courses so you do not lose time by repeating courses.
  • Regularly consult your unofficial transcript on Campus Web to make sure you are on track to complete your degree and graduate in four years.

What we do

  • As part of your Hendrix Four-Year Guarantee, Hendrix College will provide academic advising with a designated advisor to make sure you are well informed about the College and degree requirements you need to complete your degree in four years.

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