Catalog 2020-2021


Course Credit

The academic unit is the course credit, which matches or exceeds the standards required of a conventional quarter-hour or semester course. The conversion rate for a standard semester course is 4 semester hours.

Course Load

The academic program at Hendrix College is arranged so that the normal student load is four whole-credit courses per semester. A student attempting at least three whole-credit courses in a given semester is classified as a full-time student. Courses not earning whole course credit, such as physical activity classes and musical activity classes, do not count toward the student load. Students must receive permission from the Registrar to register as part-time students.

Under normal circumstances students who are making timely progress toward the completion of their degree programs in eight semesters will be expected to enroll in no more than four whole-credit courses per semester. Students may not pre-register for a course overload. Students who wish to attempt more than four whole-credit courses in a semester must have at least sophomore standing. Exceptions to this policy require written permission of the student’s academic adviser. 

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