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Frequently Asked Questions

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Have some questions about Room Selection Process at Hendrix College? Here you will find a few commonly asked questions about the Room Selection Process. Just click on a topic to learn more. If you still have questions, you can contact us at

After I've gone through the Process, can I change my mind? 
No. If you do not squat by March 1 via the Statement of Intent, you will lose the option to squat because the room may be claimed by the time your draw number comes up on a subsequent day. You cannot reclaim your right to it.  

Conversely, if you squat your room and then later change your mind and want to move elsewhere, you may get on a waiting list for the room you want.

However, after the room selection process is complete, if there is space available, we will re-assign rooms in draw number order and on a case-by-case basis. 

My friends have received a draw number, why haven't I?  
Draw numbers will be emailed to you on March 23. Contact the Residence Life Office immediately if you didn't receive one and think that you should have. There's probably a very simple explanation (financial hold or graduating status). 

If you have been suspended or removed from on-campus housing and that status extends into the next academic year or beyond, you are ineligible for any assignment. 

I don't want a roommate. Can I get a Double as a Single?   
No. Due to limited space, we cannot grant requests for doubles as singles at the beginning of the year.  You may, however, ask to be put on a waiting list for one. 

I am SO confused!   
Ask for assistance from any member of the Residence Life Staff if you are unclear about the process. We are located in SLTC 249 Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. We will be happy to assist you. 

What if I arrive late for my scheduled Room Selection date and time?  
You are required to arrive on time on the date of your Room Selection. Should you arrive late we will still serve you but you'll have lost the advantage of your draw number. 

Where and when will the Room Selection Process be held?
March 1 is the deadline to submit your Statement of Intent to Residence Life.
The Room Selection Process will take place in the SLTC Worsham Center according to the Draw Number Schedule. Closer to each day of Selection, an email will be sent with specific times as they relate to your draw number.

I know what day to come to the Room Selection Process, but what time do I show up?
First, know that there is no reason to show up before your time, but do NOT be late.
Second, draw number schedules will be emailed, published online and posted in our display case before each night of Selection. Watch for them. 

If I do not plan to return to Hendrix next year, what steps do I take?   
Submit a Statement of Intent and turn it in by March 1.  Then, go to the Registrar's Office and pick up the appropriate form as soon as possible. 

Whom do I contact with other questions?   
Any Residence Life staff member (Resident Assistant, Head Resident Assistant, Area Coordinator etc.) can answer any questions that you may have.  You may also contact the Residence Life Office in person in SLTC 249, by phone at 501-450-1416 or by email at Our office hours are Mon-Fri, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 

Are the Apartments furnished?   
Only the Market Square North and East Apartments are fully furnished. If you live in any other complex, you will have to supply your own furniture.

  • All have kitchen appliances.  Clifton Street and Front Street Apartments include microwaves.
  • All but the Clifton A-Frame have washer-dryer hookups. (Market Square apartments can only accommodate small stacked two-in-one units.
  • The Corner and the Market Square apartments have laundry facilities on site.  

Do the Apartments have Internet or cable?   
Yes. All the apartments have wireless Internet and basic cable in the living rooms.

Are utilities included in the price of the Apartments?  
Yes. Utilities are included in the price of your apartment. All of the Apartments are all-electric.

Do I have to have a Meal Plan?   
Yes. Residents of traditional halls and houses must have an unlimited meal plan.  Residents of the apartments must have a minimum of the 5-meal plan. Off campus students may choose 0, 5, 10 or the unlimited plan.  For pricing, see Price List

How do I go about finding a roommate?  
Roommate Selection may be a time when friendships are tested, so we encourage you to be honest and respectful with the student(s) with whom you want to live. Unlike when you were assigned a room and roommate(s) as an incoming first year student, it is now your responsibility to make these decisions. The more honest you are about habits, lifestyles and expectations, the less likely problems will arise between you and your roommate(s) next year. Very often, selecting the people with whom you want to live is much more important than where you want to live, so we encourage you to give much thought to this decision. We expect our facilities to be at full capacity for opening, so room changes will not be an easy option. 

If you are having difficulty finding a roommate, you can always take potluck. Also, the Residence Life Office keeps a list of students looking for roommates that you may browse through any time during office hours.  Information on these students includes the following:

Some of the questions you may want to ask a potential roommate are: 

  • When and where do you study?
  • Do you need to study in complete silence or do you have music on?
  • Do you usually have lots of friends over or do you use a room as a place to retreat?
  • How do you feel about having people over? Are there times you would rather not?
  • How do you feel about sharing items such as clothes, food, TV, computer, etc?
  • Are there things you would rather not have in the room? (e.g. alcohol, food, guests of another gender, significant others)
  • What time do you usually go to sleep?
  • What time do you usually wake up in the morning?
  • Do you like a cool or a warm room?
  • How clean do you like the room? And what is your definition of "clean?"
  • What are you pet peeves?
  • What qualities do you see in an ideal roommate? 

Often, your best friend may not be your best roommate, so please make sure to have conversations ahead of time and choose wisely. It can be difficult and you may not want to hurt feelings so be honest about your living arrangements so that you can start with a good roommate relationship instead of a false one. 

What if my roommate, who selected a room with me during Room Selection, does not return to campus in the fall?  
If your roommate chooses not to return to campus in the fall (due to study abroad, LOA, transfer out, received off-campus approval, etc.), Residence Life will work with you. We will give you a reasonable amount of time to fill the spot on your own; we can give you names of students who are looking for a room in your building. The Residence Life Office must approve the new roommate. If neither of these options pan out, we will fill the vacant spot without your input. 

Please be aware that we will not tolerate a Dirty Swap. See DIRTY SWAPPING in Definitions. 

Residence Life Office cannot "hold" a space during fall semester for students scheduled to return to campus in the spring.  

Revised: 1/2019