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Residence Apartments in the Village

Village Apartments D Exterior

General Information

The Market Square Apartments are the newest apartments on campus.  They provide a unique living arrangement for upper class students by mixing both residential and commercial spaces together with a concept called “New Urbanism”.  Market Square apartments are comprised of three floors of apartments above food and shopping outlets.  The facility features both two bedroom and three bedroom apartments, with each resident having his/her own bathroom.  The apartment living room and kitchen feature tile or stained concrete floors with carpeted bedrooms.  Small lounges are located centrally on every floor.  Laundry facilities are available on the second floor of each building. 

The building will be kept secure with a card access security system at the elevator and ground floor stairwell entry.  Each apartment will be equipped with wireless Internet and wall connectivity in the living rooms.  The apartments are furnished, and the kitchen comes equipped with a refrigerator, oven, range, and dishwasher.  Each apartment has a washer and dryer hookup in a space designed specifically for stacked units with one power cord. (The Frigidaire FEX831F Washer/Dryer Laundry Center fits perfectly as would any other unit with the same specs and power supply.)                                            

  • Village Apartments C ExteriorApartments are each one-story in a four-story apartment building.  Elevator access is provided.
  • 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom
  • 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom
  • Washer/dryer hookups
  • Laundry facility on site
  • Apartments are furnished.

Building C (North)

1050 Ellis

Floor Plans

/assets/0/112/118/4260/4279/4280/e38109e7-5134-44a2-8e57-08408b7f49ae.jpg /assets/0/112/118/4260/4279/4280/b61fe54b-cf09-40ca-a061-048bd302308c.jpg /assets/0/112/118/4260/4279/4280/89368757-cf0f-47fb-8c14-fa5cfb205732.jpg

 Click here for Room Dimensions

Building D (East)

1700 Altus

Floor Plans


/assets/0/112/118/4260/4279/4280/fe48ac9a-9e81-4def-b61c-494dace19a1a.jpg /assets/0/112/118/4260/4279/4280/a9a412ca-e517-42e3-9620-e6b2b62c0c99.jpg