Odyssey Medal

Bracken P. Darrell

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Bracken Darrell image(1)After earning an English degree from Hendrix, where he was a member ofthe Student Senate and participated in the Hendrix-in-London program,Darrell attended the Harvard Business School and received an MBA in1991.

Following his education at Harvard, Darrell began anextraordinary business career, starting with Proctor and Gamble andGeneral Electric, where he worked as Brand Manager for the Ivory andOld Spice product lines and served as General Manager of the ConsumerHome Services/GE Appliances area, the Clothes Care area, and inMarketing and Business Development area.

Darrell then joined Gillette,a personal care products company with approximately $6 billion inannual sales, as Vice President for Marketing, responsible for globalmarketing with a focus on China, India, and Japan. Darrell also servedas a member of the board of directors of CAMCO, the largest Canadianmanufacturer, marketer, and service provider of home appliances, suchas GE, Hotpoint, Moffatt, and McClary, with manufacturing operations inHamilton, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec. 

Darrell is the past global company president of Braun, where he lead the $1.6 billion small appliance company based in Frankfurt, Germany. He now serves as Executive Vice President for the Whirlpool Corporation, President of Whirlpool Europe, and also as a Member of Whirlpool's Executive Committee.

Darrell currently serves on the Hendrix Board of Trustees, a position he has held since 2009.

Darrell, wife, Maria, and their three children reside in Switzerland.  In his free time, he enjoys reading, playing basketball, and competingin triathlons.