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Environmental Studies Odyssey Guide

Based on the Hendrix faculty’s longtime awareness of the educational value of engaged learning, the Odyssey Program was implemented in the fall of 2005 to encourage all Hendrix students to embark on educational adventures in experiential learning. While the graduation requirement includes the completion of an approved experience in at least three of the six Odyssey categories, the Program importantly allows students to learn more about themselves and the world around them. For more information, visit the Odyssey Program Info Hub.

Below you will find examples of ways students pursuing a major or minor in this department or program have encountered Odyssey. Remember that these are only suggested opportunities; students are encouraged to propose their own creative Odyssey projects. Further, Odyssey experiences do not need to be related to your major or minor.


Established Pathways to Odyssey through the Major

Professional and Leadership Development

  • EVST 498: Career Services Internship

Special Projects

  • EVST 497 Senior Seminar SP Module

Undergraduate Research

  • EVST 497 Senior Seminar UR Module
  • ANTH 300 Ethnographic Methods


Additional Examples of Past Odyssey Experiences

Artistic Creativity

  • ENGC 390 C1 Special Topics: Poetry of Place

Global Awareness

  • Study abroad experiences
    • Hendrix in Costa-Rica
  • BIOL 480 Field Ecology (w/ lab)

Professional and Leadership Development

  • POLI 283 Model United Nations
  • Galapagos Internship (see Dr. Schneider)

Undergraduate Research

  • Summer undergraduate research experiences under the direction of Hendrix EVST faculty members
    • Dr. Hatch: Atmospheric chemistry and climate research
    • Dr. Moran: Ecology, conservation, and entomology
    • Dr. McClung: Animal behavior, ecology, conservation biology
    • Dr. Schneider: Plant evolution, taxonomy, and biodiversity
  • Off-campus summer undergraduate research experiences
    • DOE Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internships (SULI) program
    • NOAA Ernest F. Hollings Undergraduate Scholarship and internship program (Faculty Representative: Dr. Courtney Hatch)



Students may choose to receive either UR or SP Odyssey credit through EVST 497 Senior Seminar depending on whether the student completes a thesis or project as their capstone experience.

EVST 498 Internships must be processed through the Office of Career Services and approved in advance by the Environmental Studies program chair. The internship does not need to be done for academic credit.

EVST faculty members occasionally hold Odyssey Professorships that support unique and engaging Odyssey experiences related to the EVST major.  Consult with EVST faculty or chair about potential options. 

You are encouraged to work with EVST program faculty members to propose individual or group Odyssey projects.  

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