Residence Life

Check List for Room Selection Process

  • Submit your Statement of Intent (and GIH Application or off campus application, etc., if interested) by March 1.
  • Educate yourself about the different types of housing facilities Hendrix College has so that you can select wisely.
  • Talk to your current roommate(s) to determine if you want to squat your current space together.  If you want to squat but not with each other, determine who has the lowest draw number.  That person will be getting the room. The other person will need to decide on a new space.
  • Talk to your parent(s), financial supporter, etc. about where you would like to live in the coming year.
  • Talk to your friends and roommate(s) about where and with whom you would like to live in the coming year.
  • Gather all of the friends with which you wish to room and decide who will be the Room Representative at the Room Selection Process. (You may all attend, but you don’t have to as long as you send a Proxy Form with your Room Representative.)
  • Determine who in your roommate group has the lowest draw number.  Your Room Representative should attend the Process according to that number.
  • If you cannot attend the Room Selection Process at the time you are supposed to, decide who is going to be your Proxy or Room Representative.
  • Give your Proxy Form to your Proxy or Room Representative. If you are not in Conway, an email to your Proxy giving them permission and instructions will suffice. They should print the email and bring it with them to your Room Selection time.
  • Know your day and time to attend the Room Selection Process.
  • Bring your current Hendrix student ID to the Process.
  • Be prepared with a backup plan in the event that your first or second choices are not available.
  • If you wish to live off campus, use the Off Campus Request Application. This is due March 1.  If your exemption request is based on a need listed on the form, provide all required documentation with your application. Permission is for one academic year at a time regardless of your current reason for approval. If you will not be on campus in the fall but wish to live off campus when you return in the spring, you must request permission now. Permissions are granted per student, not to roommate groups.

Revised:  1/2020