Residence Life

Instructions for Completing Housing Room Selection Process

Room Selection for 2020-21 Academic Year

The Room Selection Process is one of the most exciting events during spring time at Hendrix College. The following is an at-a-glance look at the process. For in-depth information and clarity, please refer to “Definitions” and other links to the right under “Room Selection Information.”

The information contained here will help you understand the Room Selection Process thoroughly so that you may go through the Process with ease. Please use this information to help you meet all important deadlines (squatting, off/GIH/special placement requests, etc.). It includes information for students planning to return from studying abroad or a leave of absence (LOA), students that will study abroad during the fall 2019 semester, the off-campus request procedure, timelines, etc.  

The number of rooms available in any residence hall, house and apartment building is finite. This means that we are not able to give every student their first choice for housing.  However, the Process is designed to give more opportunities to students who have been at Hendrix the longest. We are also committed to holding spaces for incoming students in the traditional halls.

After the submission of all Statements of Intent, the regular Room Selection Process will be divided into three nights based on the year you arrived at Hendrix (your class-cohort) and your draw number within your class cohort. When it is your turn to select, you will have an opportunity to select any space that has not already been selected.

As in past years, we will use the class-cohort as the basis for your housing draw number. Your class-cohort is the year that you first enrolled at Hendrix.

Squatting is ONLY allowed in the apartments and houses, but not in themed spaces. Please see additional restrictions below and under "Definitions" to the right.

Master’s students are welcome to live on campus with special permission from with the Dean of Students.  Permission must be obtained before submitting a Statement of Intent.

We encourage you to take advantage of all available Room Selection resources:  visit and look at the spaces you are considering for next year, and/or contact your Resident Assistant (RA), Head RA, Area Coordinators or the Housing Office in person. You may also email us at If you fail to participate in the Process and you are returning as a student, you will be assigned a room after all other returning students have been assigned.

Please keep in mind that if you want to select into a space with a roommate(s), the LOWEST draw number will select for your room group. You do not need to come any earlier than your scheduled selection time. However, if you miss your room selection time, you should come as soon as you can.  Since you could have sent a Proxy, you will lose your draw number order placement. You will still be served but you will have lost the advantage of your draw number. Delaying your selection after your designated time may prevent you from getting your first choice because others may have beaten you to it – so be on time or send a Proxy.


Students participating in the Process will be assigned a draw number according to their class-cohort.  Each draw number will correspond to a specific time during the Room Selection Process.

  • Decide which living space you and your roommate group would like to select.
  • Be prepared with a backup plan in the event that your first or second choices are not available.
  • Go through the Check List.
  • Gather Proxy Forms from any roommate that you will be representing at the Process.
  • Come to the Process at your appointed time or send your Proxy or Room Representative, if applicable.


For a complete listing of prices for the upcoming year, visit the web at:
Hendrix Tuition and Fees. If you do not see “Tuition and Fees 2019-2020,” then it is not yet available. The Business Office will publish the information in early March. For all questions concerning tuition and fees, please contact the Business Office at 501-450-1333. For all questions concerning what your scholarship(s) may or may not cover, please contact the Financial Aid office at 501-450-1368.


Market Square South is a residence hall that will host the Well-Being Initiative for the 2020-2021 school year.

We developed this building with sophomores in mind as they are still developing friends and making critical decisions about their majors and Odyssey projects; however, others with a strong interest may apply as well. It is our hope that this building will help to create communities that bring together elements from classrooms and move them into the living space. 

These living-learning interest communities will bring together students who have shared interests and house them in a common living space.  This community will require students to be active in the development of their community and will link a designated theme to a living space.  Students accepted into one of these communities will be expected to participate in related events and positively contribute to their community. Students who fail to participate in the activities may be required to move to another residential facility.  

Students who are interested in living in one of these Market Square South communities will be asked to complete a brief application form.


Cable is only available in the living rooms of all apartments.

ALL Market Square Apartments are fully furnished. Each apartment has the same bedroom furniture per bedroom that all residence halls and houses enjoy. They also have a small sofa, one end table, and one coffee table in the living room along with two bar stools at the kitchen eating bar.

Any two-bedroom apartment at Market Square can house three students and any three-bedroom apartment can house four students, if desired, at a reduced rate. However, extra furniture will not be supplied.


There are 36 parking spaces reserved for resident parking behind Market Square North apartments and 27 parking spaces reserved for resident parking behind Market Square East apartments. These spaces are marked “Reserved Parking / Permit Required” and are lined with green markings. The remaining spaces in those lots are reserved for Village business customers only. There will be no overnight parking allowed in the business parking sections of those lots.

Market Square apartment residents will be issued a unique parking decal to distinguish their vehicles from others on campus, which will allow a vehicle to be parked in the reserved resident spaces. If all resident spaces are full, or the resident does not have a Market Square decal, the resident should park in the gravel lot located west of Market Square North next to Harkrider Street or south of South toward the WAC.


Cable is only available in the living rooms or all apartments.

Non-Market Square apartments are NOT furnished. Each apartment and complex have slightly different amenities. Please see online for specifics or, better yet, try to visit a friend’s apartment to see what it’s like.

Any non-Market Square two-bedroom apartment can house three students and any three-bedroom can house four, if desired, at a reduced rate.  



A.    Students will receive housing draw numbers based on their class-cohort: the year they arrived at Hendrix.  This decision was based on a recommendation by Student Senate to weigh years at Hendrix as the priority consideration for Room Selection draw numbers. Students who arrived in or prior to Fall 2015 are considered current seniors and will have a draw number between 1000-1050

  1. Students who arrived in Fall 2016 are considered current juniors and will have a draw number between 2000 and 2500.
  2. Students who arrived in Fall 2017 are considered current sophomores and will have a draw number between 3000 and 3500.
  3. Students who arrived in Fall 2018 are considered current freshmen and will have a draw number between 4000 and 4500. 


A.   All residence facilities will be filled to capacity at opening.

B.   If there is a vacancy in your room or apartment, be assured that Housing will fill it if you do not.

Options to fill a vacancy are that you may:

  1. bring in a new roommate(s) from your current class-cohort or higher, or
  2. bring in a new roommate(s) from the Wait List, or
  3. have Housing place someone with you from the Wait List, or
  4. be reassigned.


A.     Not all spaces can be squatted. These include:

  1. Traditional Hall rooms (due to Martin and Veasey Hall upgrades)
  2. Theme Housing spaces (South, Bonhoeffer, Language Immersion, Aspire, Gender-Inclusive)
  3. Any handicap-accessible room/apartment (Brown 106, Hendrix Corner C106 & C108, North 211, East 208)

B.   ONLY current residents of apartments and houses that have a draw number in the 1000’s or 2000’s my squat. Be aware that if you got into an apartment or house for the 2018-19 academic year as a current freshman or sophomore, no matter the reason, you will not be able to squat it during Room Selection for the 2019-20 academic year.

C.    In order to be eligible to squat a space, the squatter must currently reside in that space and must have lived in that space from the first week of classes this spring semester.

D.    A decision to squat or not is FINAL as of March 1 when your Statement of Intent is due. No changes can be made after that date.

E.    If part of a squatted roommate group is chosen as an RA, to live in a theme house, takes a Leave of Absence, etc., Housing will work with the remaining roommate(s) to find an appropriate replacement.

F.    Students eligible to squat in apartments and houses may only do so with students from their same class-cohort or higher. If you wish to room with a student in a lower class-cohort, you will need to either squat the lower class-cohort’s space or go through the Room Selection Process at the lowest draw number of the roommate group’s time.

G.   The Housing Office cannot “hold” a space during fall semester for students scheduled to return to campus in the spring. 

For more details, see “SQUATTERS” under Definitions.


Order of selection is based on your class-cohort year, not your class standing. For more detail, click on the "Draw Number Schedule" link to the right.


A.    Draw numbers for Transfer Students who have been enrolled full-time at another institution post-high school will automatically have their draw number adjusted. This adjustment will be based on expected graduation dates. If you feel your draw number is incorrect, contact Housing.


A.    Dirty Swapping is NOT allowed and anyone suspected of participating in such a swap may lose their spot and be reassigned. A Dirty Swap is when two (or more) students sign up for a specific residence and then, at a later date, switch with other students who may or may not be eligible to live there.


Mary and Sara are both current juniors and sign up to live in Front St Apartments. Just before school starts Sara decides to let us know that she will not be returning to Hendrix. Mary will have to choose a new roommate from her current class-cohort or higher, or from the Wait List, or Housing will have the option to place someone with her from the Wait List, or Mary may lose her spot and be reassigned. All residential facilities will be filled to capacity at opening.

Similar scenarios occur in triple rooms where three students sign up for a triple but only two actually return to campus in the fall. In these cases, the remaining students may bring in a third new roommate from their current class-cohort or higher, or from the Wait List, or Housing will have the option to place someone with them from the Wait List, or they may lose their triple and be re-assigned to a double. All residential facilities will be filled to capacity at opening.

To reiterate: if there is a vacancy, be assured that Housing will fill it for you if you do not.


A.    The rules:

  1. All residents of traditional halls and houses (which include Market Square South, Miller Creative Quad, and the Corner House) are required to have the unlimited meal plan.
  2. All residents of apartments are required to have a minimum of the five-meal plan.
  3. Residents of the language immersion program are required to have a minimum of the ten-meal plan.

B.    Deadlines to request an appeal to the above rules:

  1. To decrease your meal plan for the fall of 2020 is July 15, 2020.
  2. To decrease your meal plan for the spring of 2021 is November 15, 2020.

Revised 1/2019