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Instructions for Completing Housing Room Selection Process

2024-2025 Housing Selection Information

Each Spring, the Office of Residential Life holds its annual General Housing Selection for current students living and learning at Hendrix College. Below you will learn more information regarding the Housing Selection process, the Statement of Intent, and other details that help determine assignments for the next academic year. 

If you are an incoming student expected to start classes in the Fall 2024 semester, you will not participate in Housing Selection. Incoming Students will work with Hendrix Admissions to complete and submit a Hendrix Housing questionnaire. For more details on this process, please reach out to your admissions counselor with the Office of Admissions. 

Hendrix Housing Statement of Intent- 

All current students must complete a Hendrix Housing Statement of Intent to notify the Office of Residential Life their plans to either not return or to participate in General Housing Selection for the next academic year. The Statement of Intent opens for all current students annually on February 1, with a deadline of March 1.

Even if you plan to apply for other housing applications, you must complete this form no later than on March 1st, 2024 by 11:59PM. The Statement of Intent Application is available at the following:

Housing by Class Cohort-
Our housing selection process uses your cohort class year (the year that you arrived at Hendrix) to create draw numbers.  We do not use your academic credit year. This policy was developed based on feedback from students.  Transfer students are assigned into a cohort group based on expected graduation date.   
                                             Seniors- Students who started in Fall 2020 or earlier (draw numbers 1000+)
                                             Juniors- Students who started in Fall 2021 (draw numbers 2000+)                                                                              Sophomores- Students who started in Fall 2022 (draw numbers 3000+)
                                             First Years- Students who started in Fall 2023 (draw numbers 4000+)

Housing Draw Numbers-
On March 26, students will receive a housing draw number (generated at random) based on their entering cohort class year.  They will also receive an assigned time for their housing selection date.  During the housing selection process, students will select housing in draw number order. The best lottery number for any roommate set is used for the whole group. 

General Housing Selection Dates-
  More will be released in March 2024 after the Statement of Intent has closed. For details about selection dates and the correlating schedule with draw numbers, please visit the Draw Number Schedule located here. 

Apartment Squatting Options- (applications due March 1st)
Juniors and Seniors CURRENTLY living in the apartments are eligible to apply to keep their apartment for next year.  Current Juniors and Seniors are able to fill in vacant spaces within their apartment with current Sophomores, but current First Year students are not eligible for squatting.  This policy is in place to ensure that students who have been here the longest have first access to the apartments. 

Application available at:

Residency Requirement Exemption Appeals-
Hendrix undergraduate students are required to reside in campus housing. In rare cases, students may be allowed off-campus if they receive a granted Residency Requirement Exemption from the Hendrix College Appeals committee.  Students who wish to live off-campus are required to submit an appeal form. Submission of a form does not guarantee a granted appeal. Submitting an appeal form is the appeal process. There are no appeals to an appeals decision. If a student is denied an appeal, they must attend General Housing Selection to 

To receive full consideration, students should submit the application by March 1, 2024.  Students who are currently living off-campus are required to apply for an exemption each academic year.  Additional information about this process is included on the application form.  Application available at:

Process for Current Seniors not intending to graduate or Masters Candidates-
If you are a current Senior and you plan to return to housing for next semester, we ask that you declare that intention by March 1st through the Housing Statement Intent form so that we can generate a housing draw number for you. Please keep in mind that students in the Hendrix 5 program are required to live in campus housing. Complete the form at:

Graduate Students-  
Students who are graduating but will return to enroll in the Masters of Arts in Accounting program at Hendrix are not required to live in campus housing. However, if you plan to seek on-campus housing please complete the Statement of Intent and contact Greer Veon-Cronin, Director of Residential Life ( prior to March 1 to receive a draw number.

Gender Inclusive Housing-  
Although much of our housing system is set for students to live with other students of their same gender, we do have a process where students may apply to live in gender-inclusive housing (GIH). This is a fairly simple process but we do ask that students complete the Gender-Inclusive Housing Application Form.  Students who have been previously approved for GIH and are eligible to squat their space do not need to reapply for this process. Applications will go live in March 2024.

Medical Housing Accommodations-
Students who may want to seek a medical housing accommodation, whether first-time or to reconfirm a prior medical housing accommodation, must indicate that through our Hendrix Housing Statement of Intent. Students should submit the form by March 1 in order for the information to be considered for the housing selection process. 

Living Learning Communities-
Hendrix College offers several living-learning communities for our students. More information confirming the living learning communities and their contacts will be released in March 2024. 


For a complete listing of prices for the upcoming year, visit the web at:
Hendrix Tuition and Fees. If you do not see “Tuition and Fees 2024-2025,” then it is not yet available. The Business Office will publish the information soon. For all questions concerning tuition and fees, please contact the Business Office at 501-450-1333. For all questions concerning what your scholarship(s) may or may not cover, please contact the Financial Aid office at 501-450-1368.

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