Residence Life

Waitlist for 2016-2017

This wait list is for the 2016-2017 academic year only.

Please read the following information if you are interested in getting on the Wait List for a room change.

  1. The initial wave of room changes will be made beginning Wednesday, April 13, 2016. That means that you must submit a Wait List request by 8:00 a.m., Wednesday, April 13, to be considered for this first round. 
  2. If roommates are involved, ALL roommates must submit a request.
  3. Although we will do our best, we will not be able to accommodate everyone who applied for a change.
  4. Your "chances" are determined solely by what becomes available and your draw number. 
  5. When one of your choices becomes available, and your draw number is next, you will NOT be asked if you still want the space, you will be placed in the space and receive email confirmation. 
  6. You can have yourself removed from the list at any time via an email request.
  7. To see prices of rooms, apartments, etc., go here.
  8. The Wait List will again be available for submissions later for the second wave of changes. (If you submitted before the first wave, you do NOT need to submit again. It will NOT help your chances.) 

Hendrix ID #:  
(This number MUST be correct.  Please check your ID card.)

First Name:  

Last Name:  

Proposed First Roommate’s First Name:   
(Can be left blank if you have no roommate preference.)  

Proposed First Roommate’s Last Name:   
(Can be left blank if you have no roommate preference.) 

Proposed Second Roommate's First Name: 
(Can be left blank if you have no roommate preference.)  

Proposed Second Roommate's Last Name: 
(Can be left blank if you have no roommate preference.)  

Room Type Preference:  

Building Preferences (List in order of preference.):

(Can be left blank if you only have a roommate preference.) 
Meal Plan Preference if Apartment Becomes Available: 

Hendrix Email Address:  
Please make sure your email address is correct.  You will receive an email confirmation of your wait list request immediately after submitting this form.  If you do not receive an email, your request has not been received by the Residence Life Office and will not be processed.  

Please let the Residence Life Office know if you have any questions about this form.