Residence Life

Thanksgiving Break Plans

If you will be residing in a Hendrix-owned apartment or the Language House, you do not need to request to stay over the break; however, for safety and maintenance reasons we ask that you let us know if you’ll be staying for the entire break or when you’ll be leaving and returning.   

This form is only for students residing in Hendrix-owned apartments and the Language House.  If you live in a traditional residence hall or residential house, please review the Thanksgiving Break closing information here.

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All Hendrix and Residence Life policies are in effect at all times. Health, Counseling, and Dining Services will not be available.  The RA on duty during the break can be reached at 501-733-1433.  If you have a lock-out or maintenance issue over the break that warrants immediate assistance, please call Public Safety at 501-450-7711.

Maintenance Issues:
If something malfunctions during the break period (after 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, November 21, 2017) residents should contact Public Safety at 501-450-7711 and provide detailed information.  A Public Safety officer will notify the on-call Facilities Management staff member regarding the issue.

College Policies:
All College policies are in effect and will be enforced during the break.  Failure to comply may result in immediate removal for the break and possible permanent removal from your place of residence.

Pet Reminders:
For reasons of health, sanitation, and personal safety, pets of any kind are not allowed in the College-owned facilities.  This includes pets that are just visiting.  The only exceptions to this rule are fish.  A 20-gallon tank is the largest tank acceptable in any facility.  Violations will result in the loss of deposits by all residents of the room or apartment, cleaning charges including possible replacement of carpet, immediate removal of the pet, and a referral to judicial action.