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 Resident Assistant Candidate Application Questions 

  1. Please tell us why you would like to become a Resident Assistant.
  2. What qualities do you possess that you believe will help you as a Resident Assistant?  What do you think are your greatest strengths and limitations
  3. What are pressing issues for Hendrix students, and how would you work to address them as a Resident Assistant
  4. How would you balance the conflicting roles of being a student and upholding policy as a Resident Assistant
  5. Define community.  If you were a Resident Assistant, how would you build community within your hall?

  6. Email your resume to  Your application will not be considered without a resume.

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I authorize staff in the Office of Student Affairs to conduct a routine inquiry (including verification of GPA and judicial standing) during the process of my application in order to provide the information necessary to determine my eligibility.  If I fail to meet these requirements, I understand that I will not be able to proceed with an interview.  Furthermore, I certify that everything I have reported on this application is true, to the best of my knowledge.  Typing my name below serves as my signature.

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