Academic Affairs


Complaint Policy

Complaint Policy


Hendrix College holds itself to the highest standards of integrity and fairness and takes complaints from its constituents seriously. The college works to resolve complaints in a timely manner consistent with its mission and values and provides clear and readily available avenues of redress and appeal for students and other constituents with grievances.  Processes for resolving complaints take into account relevant Federal and State laws, when applicable.


NOTE:  This policy does not apply to gender-based misconduct complaints.  Such complaints from faculty, staff or students should be reported to the Title IX Coordinator, Jennifer Fulbright at 501-505-2901.


I.  Informal Resolution

Whenever possible individuals with concerns or complaints should first seek to resolve them informally by contacting the person or office at the college.  If someone wishes to make an informal complaint and is not sure whom to contact, please send an email to:


II. Formal Complaints and Appeals


The Student Handbook, Faculty Handbook, Employee Handbook, and the current academic year college Catalog include policies and procedures for specific types of complaints, some of which are referenced below. 


A.  Student Complaints


1.  Academic Grievances

A student who believes that he or she has an academic grievance should discuss the concern with the faculty member in charge of the course in which the concern has arisen. If a mutually satisfactory resolution is not reached, the student should confer with his or her academic adviser and should take the matter to the relevant department chair. If no resolution is reached at this level or if the department chair is the faculty member in question in the first instance, then the student should take the concern to the relevant Area Chair. Concerns remaining unresolved at this level should be taken to the Provost. Students shall take all concerns regarding graduation requirements and their fulfillment to the Registrar.


2.  Academic Appeals

A student who wishes to appeal a policy or decision by the Office of Academic Affairs concerning interpretations of, or exceptions to, rules, procedures or decisions governing registration in courses and the management of academic records must make that appeal to the Committee on Academic Appeals. Examples of such appeals would include an appeal to drop a course with no mark after the no mark deadline or an appeal to withdraw from a course with a W after the W deadline.

To pursue such an appeal, the student should submit a formal petition in writing to the Registrar. This appeal should state the specific request being made and include some explanation of the situation relating to the request. The Registrar will forward the student’s petition to the Committee on Academic Appeals, which will review and rule on the appeal. The Committee will notify the student of the decision. Committee decisions are final.

The Committee on Academic Appeals does not hear appeals concerning grades (other than I, W or WE). Course grade issues are covered in the previous section under Academic Grievances.

3.  Academic Integrity

If a student chooses to appeal a decision by the Academic Integrity Committee, the appeal must be submitted in writing the reason for the appeal to the Provost by email within seven days of the Committee's decision. The Provost will determine whether there are sufficient grounds for appeal, and, if such grounds are found, forward the case to the Committee on Academic Appeals. Decisions by the Committee on Academic Appeals are final. The Appeals process should be completed within four weeks of filing, exclusive of breaks in the academic year.


B.  Constituent Complaints

Students with complaints that are not covered by other policies and procedures as outlined above and other constituents may file complaints, including but not limited to issues related to facilities, campus activities, programs, events, and services by e-mailing


III. Process


Formal complaints that are not covered by other policies and procedures must be submitted in writing by e-mail at must be submitted within one year after the alleged incident or grievance occurred.  Please include in your email:


a)      Your name

b)      Your affiliation with the college (student, family member, faculty, staff, community member, etc.)

c)      A brief description of your grievance

d)      The names of any Hendrix faculty, staff, or students involved in your grievance


Submitted complaints will receive a response verifying receipt of the complaint.  In cases where appropriate, if no prior attempt has been made to resolve the issue informally, the complainant will be advised to first follow the informal complaint process. 


Once a formal complaint is lodged, appropriate college staff will investigate to determine the validity of the complaint and attempt to resolve the issue.  Complaints that are deemed to be harassing or frivolous in nature will be dismissed.  All other complaints will result in the complainant receiving notification of the final decision as soon as possible.


IV. Records and Confidentiality


All formal complaints, appeals, and related correspondence will be kept on file for a minimum of ten years and will be available as requested by the regional accrediting agency for the college.


Student complaints will be treated as confidential in accordance with college policies regarding confidentiality of student records, except in cases of significant risk of harm to the complainant or others in the community.