Academic Affairs

January 25, 2012 Curricular Proposals


 Request to Eliminate Propylaea 

Humanities Area Course Proposals


ARTS 130 Digital Art I  Permanent course (to be taught inMaymester 2012), with EA learning domain coding



ENGL 230 Eliminate "Lifewriting: Memoirs"

ENGL 270  Eliminate "The Theme of Woman's Vocation inLiterature and Film"

ENGL 272 Crime Literature and Film   New permanentcourse


Theatre Arts and Dance

TART 120  Change title from "Voice, Articulation, and TextReading" to "Voice for the Theatre"

TART 150 Change title from "Stage Movement and the AlexanderTechnique" to "Movement for the Theatre"

TART i24 Mask Making to be taught at Commedia dell'Arte


Natural Science Area Proposals


Modify minor to require at least two 300+ courses.

BIOL 110 "Evolution for Everyone" new permanent course with NS-Lcode

BIOL 235 "Microbes and Human Health" new permanent course thatmay not count as an elective for the BIOL majorbut may count toward the BIOL minor.

Computer Science

Drop CSCI 115 Computing and the Internet


In major, replace MATH 240 Discrete Math requirement with MATH270 Linear Algebra. Add CSCI 385 among list of out-of-programcourses that will count towards the major.

In minor, allow MATH 270 Linear Algebra as an alternative toMATH 240 Discrete Math.

Change MATH 290 prerequisites to allow MATH 270 as alternativeto MATH 240.

Change MATH 340 prerequisites to allow MATH 290 as alternativeto MATH 240.


PHYS 100 Introductory Topics in Physics new permanent coursewith NS code

Social Science Area Proposals

Business and Economics

Change the following course titles:

  • BUSI 200, 210 Fundamentals of Accounting and Business I, II toPrinciples of Accounting I, II
  • BUSI  300, 310 Financial Reporting and Analysis I, II toIntermediate Accounting I, II
  • BUSI 410, 510 Accounting for Management Plannin and Control toAdvanced Cost Accounting
  • BUSI 520 Seminar in Accounting Theory and Practice to Seminarin Advanced Accounting
  • BUSI 540 Contemporary Issues in Accounting to AdvancedAccounting


Change in Minor by the Reinstatement of two licensure programsin Licensure in Secondary Physical /Earth Science (Grades 7-12) andin Secondary Mathematics (Grades 7-12)

EDUC 439 Methods in the Secondary School: Physical/EarthScience  New permanent course
additional supporting material


HIST 151 New permanent course Era of the American Revolution

HIST 351 "American Revolutionary Era"  eliminate thiscourse

HIST 353 "Race, Memory, and the American Civil War" changecatalog copy to mention Odyssey coding (approved in 2011) and thetrip to Vicksburg, MS that is part of the course

HIST 160 Make "East Asia to 1600" a permanent course

HIST 306 Make "Crime and Punishment in East Asia" a permanentcourse

HIST 339 New permanent course "Epidemics and Society"

HIST 300 Make "Gender and Society in East Asia" a permanentcourse

HIST 218 Change title from "Progressive Era Reform, 1890-1920"to "Gilded Age and Progressive Era

HIST 291 Make "Japan's Pacific War" a permanent course

HIST 293 Make "Korea: The Forgotten War" a permanent course

HIST 246 Make "Modern Japan" a permanent course

HIST 359 "War, Memory, and Nation" a new permanent course



Allied Health Major would add two new tracks, one in PublicHealth and one in Exercise Science.  The major would consistof four core courses plus nine additional courses from one of theareas of concentration: Exercise Science, Physical/OccupationalTherapy, Physician Assistant, Nursing, or Public Health.

The Kinesiology Department proposes a new minor in PublicHealth.

Proposal to reinstate the major and minor in Kinesiology in anewly configured set of requirements and concentrations within themajor.  The major would require nine core courses plus threecourses from an area of concentration (Secondary PhysicalEducation, Wellness and Leisure with coaching endorsement:Elementary Physical Education; Sports Management; RecreationLeadership), and one elective.  These majors would require thecompletion of six physical activity courses from the followingcategories: fitness, individual sport, team sport, aquatics, anddance.


KINE 330 Structural Kinesiology to add a new prerequisite-KINE205 Anatomy and Physiology I or BIOL 103 Biology of the HumanBody

KINE 410  Change catalog copy to reflect current coursecontent

KINE 425  Coaching Fall Sports  a new permanent courseto replace four courses requested for elimination:  KINE 440Coaching Basketball, KINE 450 Coaching Swimming, KINE 460 CoachingVolleyball, and KINE 470 Coaching Football


Politics and International Relations

New Courses (All of these courses will be taught by newdepartment member Kiril Kolev):

           POLI 271  Theories of Comparative Politics

           POLI 272  The Politics of Central and Eastern Europe

           POLI 341  The World of Elections

           POLI 460  Applied Statistics

Revised Courses:

           POLI 250  History of the International System  (ADDW2)

            POLI 282  Comparative Foreign Policy (Change title to"Foreign Policy

                   Analysis" and tweak catalog description.)

Changes to the Major and Minor


Sociology and Anthropology

ANTH 200 "Buried Cities and Lost Tribes"  add HP coding

SOCI 255  "Gender in Film and Television" add UR code (thisrequest will be passed on to CEL)

SOCI 227 "Terrorism and War in the Media" new temporary coursewith request for UR code


Interdisciplinary Program Proposals

American Studies

AMST/HIST 115 Remove the HP code from Introduction to AmericanStudies

Asian Studies

Proposals for two new permanent courses:   IndianCulture through Fiction and Asian Medical Traditions, both proposedat the 300-level

Environmental Studies

Add POLI 365 Environmental Policy and Management as analternative to POLI 235 and add ANTH 335 Geographic InformationScience as an alternative to statistics (PSYC 290 or BUSI 250)

 Neuroscience/Study of the Mind minor with twocore courses and the option of two concentrations from whichstudents may choose.  If this minor passes, then the currentNeuroscience minor will be eliminated.


LBST 3XX  English Gardens  Hendrix in London coursefor fall 2012, a temporary course

Three Crossings Proposals: Interpreting Children's Literature;Peace War, and Memory; Human Evolution