Academic Affairs

Curriculum Proposals for CoAP 11-17-11

Request to eliminate Propylaea and replace it with Hendrix Immersion Program for Odyssey credit


Humanities Area Proposals


ENGL 230 Lifewriting: Memoirs--eliminate

ENGL 270 The Theme of Women's Vocation in Literature and Film--eliminate

Theatre Arts and Dance

TART 120 Voice for the Theatre--change title

TART 150 Movement for the Theatre--change title

Natural Science Area Proposals


BIOL minor revisions

BIOL 110 Evolution for Everyone--new permanent, add NS-L code

BIOL 235 Microbes and Human Health--new permanent, doesn't count as elective for BIOL major, can count toward BIOL minor

Computer Science

CSCI 115 Computing and the Internet--eliminate


MATH major revisions (replace MATH 240 requirement with MATH 270, Add CSCI 385 to list of out-of-program courses counting toward major)

MATH minor revisions (allow MATH 270 as an alternative to MATH 240)

MATH 290--allow MATH 270 as an alternate prerequisite to MATH 240

MATH 340--allow MATH 290 as an alternate prerequisite to MATH 240


PHYS 100 Introductory Topics in Physics--new permanent with NS code

Social Science Area Proposals

Business and Economics

Change the following course titles:

     BUSI 200, 210 Fundamentals of Accounting and Business I and II to Principles of Accounting I and II

     BUSI 300, 310 Financial Reporting and Analysis I and II to Intermediate Accounting I and II

     BUSI 410, 510 Accounting for Management Planning and Control to Advanced Cost Accounting

     BUSI 540 Contemporary Issues in Auditing to Advanced Auditing



EDUC minor reinstating two licensure programs--Licensure in Secondary Physical/Earth Science (grades 7-12) and Secondary Mathematics (grades 7-12)

EDUC 439 Methods in the Secondary School: Physical/Earth Science--new permanent course

EDUC supporting material



HIST 351 American Revolutionary Era--renumber to 151

HIST 353 Race, Memory and the American Civil War--add Odyssey coding and trip to Vicksburg, MS in catalog copy

HIST 160 East Asia to 1600--permanent course, add HP coding

HIST 339 Epidemics and Society--new permanent course with HP coding

HIST 300 Gender and Society in East Asia-new permanent course

HIST 218 Gilded Age and Progressive Era--new title

HIST 291 Japan's Pacific War--permanent course with HP code

HIST 293 Korea: The Forgotten War--new permanent course with HP code

HIST 246 Modern Japan--new permanent course with HP code

HIST 359 War, Memory, and Nation--new permanent course



Allied Health major revisions--add two new tracks (Exercise Science and Public Health)

New minor addition: Public Health

KINE 330 Structural Kinesiology--add new prerequisite requirements

KINE 410 Directed Research--change catalog copy to reflect course content

KINE 425 Coaching Fall Sports--new permanent course to replace four courses requested for elimination

KINE 440 Coaching Basketball--eliminate

KINE 450 Coaching Swimming--eliminate

KINE 460 Coaching Volleyball--eliminate

KINE 470 Coaching Football--eliminate


Politics and International Relations

POLI 271 Theories of Comparative Politics--new permanent

POLI 272 The Politics of Central and Eastern Europe--new permanent

POLI 341 The World of Elections--new permanent

POLI 460 Applied Statistics--new pernament

POLI 250 History of the International System--request W2

POLI 282 Foreign Policy Analysis--new title and revise Catalog copy

Changes to POLI major and minor


Sociology and Anthropology

ANTH 200 Buried Cities and Lost Tribes--add HP code

SOCI 255 Gender in Film and Television--add UR code

SOCI 227 Terrorism and War in the Media--new temporary course requesting UR code