Catalog 2017-2018

Graduation with Distinction

The Bachelor of Arts with “Distinction in (a department or program name)” is conferred upon those graduating seniors who fulfill criteria determined by the department or program. In determining requirements for distinction, a department or program considers such criteria as the following:

  • Overall grade point average;
  • Grade point average in courses required by the department;
  • Grade on a comprehensive examination;
  • Independent project(s);
  • Recommendation from faculty in department or program;
  • Some evidence of collegiate breadth such as:
    • Grade point average in courses outside the major,
    • Grade point average in the Collegiate Center,
    • Course distribution,
    • Recommendation from faculty member(s) outside the major,
    • Papers done in departments other than the major,
    • Extracurricular activities, and
    • Other evidence deserving consideration.
  • Departmental interview open to all faculty;
  • Other appropriate criteria as the department determines.

The department or program reviews and evaluates the achievements of senior majors. Selection of students for graduation with Distinction is made by the department or program after evaluation of all available information.

Students may also earn Distinction in Odyssey by completing projects in each of the six Odyssey categories by the time of their graduation. Five of the six categories must be completed by the time of the Honors Day award identification deadline, though Odyssey-coded courses may be underway.

The achievement of Distinction does not preclude graduation with collegiate Honors. For example, a student may graduate with a designation such as the following “Bachelor of Arts Cum Laude, with Distinction in Biology.”

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