Academic Affairs

United Methodist Scholarships and Grants

Hendrix is particularly interested in the recruitment of United Methodist Youth for enrollment at the college. Recruitment of United Methodist students is enhanced by:

> United Methodist Youth Leadership Awards - This program awards fifteen scholarships, valued at up to $3,500 per year, to United Methodist Youth who have provided significant leadership in local church, district, or conference youth ministries, and demonstrate outstanding potential for Christian leadership at Hendrix.

> United Methodist Church Endowed Scholarships - Many individuals and congregations in the United Methodist Church have endowed scholarships at Hendrix that provide financial aid for United Methodist students.

> Ministerial Student Grants - Hendrix offers scholarship assistance to students studying for ministry in the United Methodist Church, and to children of persons currently serving in ministry in the United Methodist Church.

2006/2007 UMYF Scholar Contract 

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Would you like to receive information about financial aid or find out how to establish a scholarship? Contact Reverend Wayne Clark at 450-1263.