Faculty Handbook 2022-2023

B.2.f.1. Area, Department, and Program Chairs

Humanities Area Chair: Carol West
     Art - Rod Miller 
     English - Ty Jaeger
     Languages - Stan Rauh
     Music - Andrew Morgan 
     Philosophy and Religious Studies - Fred Ablondi

     Theatre Arts and Dance - Ann Muse

Natural Science Area Chair: Courtney Hatch
     Biology and Health Sciences - Andrea Duina
     Chemistry - David Hales 
     Mathematics & Computer Science - Chris Camfield
     Physics - Damon Spayde 

Social Sciences Area Chair: Jennifer Penner
     Economics and Business - Gina Bergfeld
     History - Jonathan Hancock
     Politics - Daniel Edquist-Whelan
     Psychology - Lindsay Kennedy
     Sociology/Anthropology - Anne Goldberg

Program Chairs

Biochemistry-Molecular Biology - Andrew Schurko
Classics - Rebecca Resinski 
Environmental Studies - Maureen McClung
Interdisciplinary Minors - Stacey Schwartzkopf
Study of the Mind/Neuroscience - James Dow

Master of Arts Accounting- Gina Bergfeld