Faculty Resources

Conduct Policies

Drug and Alcohol Policy

Hendrix College strives to maintain a workplace free of drugs and alcohol and to discourage drug and alcohol abuse by its employees.

Employees are prohibited from using or being under the influence of alcohol while performing Hendrix College business on the Hendrix College premises or a worksite. At the direction of the President, Executive Vice President or Vice President, this requirement may be waived for special events that occur after normal business hours. Employees who conduct business under these special circumstances should maintain an appropriate level of professionalism.
Illegal Drugs
Hendrix College employees are prohibited from using or being under the influence of illegal drugs while performing Hendrix College business, either on-campus or off. You may not use, manufacture, distribute, purchase, transfer or possess an illegal drug while in Hendrix College facilities or while performing Hendrix College business.

Disciplinary Action
Employees who violate this policy may be disciplined or terminated, even for a first offense. Violations include refusal to consent to or comply with testing, and/or search procedures as described.


Hendrix College may conduct searches for illegal drugs or alcohol on Hendrix College facilities without prior notice. Such searches may be conducted at any time. Employees are expected to cooperate fully.

Searches of employees and their personal property may be conducted when there is reasonable suspicion to believe that the employee has violated this policy or when circumstances or workplace conditions justify such a search.

An employee’s consent to a search is required as a condition of employment and the employee’s refusal to consent may result in disciplinary action, including termination.

Drug Testing

Hendrix College may require a blood test, urinalysis, hair test or other drug or alcohol screening of employees suspected of using or being under the influence of drugs or alcohol or where other circumstances or workplace conditions justify such testing. The refusal or consent may result in disciplinary action, including termination.

Smoking Policy

Effective August 1, 2013, tobacco products are prohibited from use on the Hendrix College campus, including parking lots, grounds adjacent to buildings, and athletic fields. Employees who violate this policy are subject to disciplinary action.

Communication of Policy:

This policy will be communicated to the campus community via the College website. In addition, reference to this policy will be added to the College’s faculty handbook, employee handbook, and student handbook. Information regarding this policy shall be communicated to guests upon request. Each building will display a decal stating that the campus is tobacco free.


All Hendrix College students, faculty, staff, contractors and visitors are expected to comply with this policy. Members of the campus community are empowered to respectfully inform others about the policy and may also report violations to Hendrix College Public Safety. Violators approached by Hendrix Public Safety may receive a warning, a citation for $50 or referral to the appropriate authority outlined below. Surrounding public streets and sidewalks are not under the purview of College policy.

Repeat violators will be subject to the following:

  • Students will be referred to the College disciplinary process.
  • Employees will be referred to their respective units for progressive discipline.
  • Contractors will be referred to their respective employers for appropriate action.
  • Visitors will be required to leave the campus.

While this policy is enacted to eliminate use on our campus, we encourage members of our community to consider options to eliminate all tobacco use.  To learn about tobacco cessation programs, contact the Hendrix Office of Human Resources.

Policy on College Equipment and Facilities Usage

When using Hendrix College property, including computer equipment or hardware, exercise care, perform required maintenance and follow all operating instructions, safety standards and guidelines.

Notify your supervisor if any equipment or machines appear to be damaged, defective or in need of repair. This prompt reporting could prevent the equipment’s deterioration and could help prevent injury to you or others. Should you have questions about the maintenance and care of any workplace equipment, ask your supervisor.

If you use or operate equipment improperly, carelessly, negligently or unsafely, you may be disciplined or even discharged. In addition, you may be held financially responsible for any loss to Hendrix College because of such mistreatment.


Employees are encouraged to bring concerns, problems and grievances to management’s attention. You are also obligated to report any wrongdoing of which you become aware to your supervisor--or if the situation warrants, to the Human Resource Department or to any Hendrix College Vice President or Executive Vice President.

Hendrix College Property

Please keep your work area neat and clean and use normal care in handling Hendrix College property. Report any broken or damaged equipment to your supervisor at once so that proper repairs can be made.

You may not use any Hendrix College property for personal purposes or remove any Hendrix College property from the premises without consent of the Vice President of the area in which you work.

Use of equipment, tools and machinery that require training is limited to employees authorized to do so for the purposes designated by the College. If you have a question about the use of equipment ask a supervisor in the area, or the Human Resources department.  Unauthorized use of equipment can result in disciplinary action by the College.