Faculty Resources

Faculty Appointments and Family Relationships

Hendrix College does not believe that proscription of the opportunity of members of an immediate family to serve as colleagues is a sound method of avoiding the problems associated with nepotism. The College intends to set reasonable restrictions on an individual’s capacity to function as judge or advocate in situations involving members of his or her immediate family. Faculty members should neither initiate nor participate in institutional decisions involving a direct benefit (initial appointment, retention, tenure, promotion, salary, or leave of absence) to members of their immediate families. When such cases arise, then the faculty member involved shall recuse himself or herself from such discussions. The Committee on Faculty appoints an appropriate replacement for the recused if necessary.

Allocation of Faculty Positions

It is the policy of the College that any faculty openings become part of a pool of openings, which are then assigned to various departments of the College on the basis of need. Department chairs may suggest in writing the definition of new faculty positions or possible allocations of open faculty positions to the Provost. Such suggestions, with supporting documentation, become a part of the Committee on Faculty’s continuing file on new positions. Annually the Committee on Faculty presents a formal recommendation to the President for the assignment of the next year’s faculty openings.

It is the responsibility of the President, upon the advice of the Committee on Faculty, to recommend the assignment of faculty openings to the Board of Trustees. This recommendation is usually discussed by the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees, in conjunction with budget discussions and with the advice of the chief fiscal officer of the College. It is the responsibility of the Committee on Faculty and the Department chair to communicate the expectations for the position clearly to each new hire; to continue to monitor each new, reassigned, or reaffirmed faculty position to determine whether the expectations are being met; to consult with the faculty member in a timely manner in order to develop a strategy for addressing any perceived deficiencies; and if necessary, to recommend that the position be redefined, reallocated, or eliminated.